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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

A Tribute to JJ

I went to a funeral today, the funeral of JJ Greenberg.
Many of you might not have known JJ. I actually didn’t know JJ well, but the amazing thing about JJ is that one only had to meet him once, for a second to feel a bond with him and know how much of aspecial person he was. He was just that type of person, not one comes by too often. As his sister mentioned at the hesped, JJ was a a really cool Jew, who felt 100% comfortable who he was, and proud of it. More than that, JJ was a person who sucked the marrow out of life. There are many things I can learn from JJ, and I hope I put some of those lessons into practice.

For now I just wanted to pay tribute to JJ, and everyone else whose life was taken from them, whether by road accidents, terrorism or anything. My tribute to them all is to love life and to love living. I try to live by that and I’m sure JJ would agree with me.

Gemar Tov to all,