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Friday, September 23, 2005

We will Not Forget, We Will Not Forgive: Do a Mitzvah and Remember

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Tizku L'mitzvot,
"Expelled from Netzer Hazani by Fellow Jews"

There is so much to say, so many facts to bare, so much disinformation to clarify and so much to explain about the situation of former Gush Katif residents expelled from their homes.

It is too late for me to go into all the details. All I can tell you at this hour is that these people are trying their best to have positive attitudes with the intent of rebuilding their lives. This, even though at this very moment many are still homeless and penniless. The information I will tell you in future emails is just too sad to even imagine. Most of these people are currently penniless and in a few days time they will even be forced to pay for their hotel costs, since the government is stopping the payments.

Here is just a single fact regarding their situation that most people are not aware of.

The farmers of Gush Katif are only receiving 60% of the worth of
their hothouses in order to rebuild them. They still have other personal and community expenses to fulfull as well in trying to re-establish themselves. This money does not even include the daily living expenses that they currently must spend today (clothes, tuition for children's educations, food etc.) - Money that they do not have, and money that will in the end come out of their compensation, that therefore won't be able to go towards rebuilding their homes or communities! Each GK community has represenatives talking to people everyday trying to raise whatever money they can just so that their families can have money for food, clothes etc. They don't have money to pay for their children's tution bills - from early childhood programs to Universities. The government did not help them with any of this and they are on their own.

I have made a short 4 minute online video (in English) documenting the day of the expulsion. Please watch it, it is a must see. I'm now in the process of finishing up a full 35-40 minute video documenting that day, a little before and a little after. It will also be a must see.

The sights and sounds in this long video are ones that we should not forget, and I hope to keep the memory alive through the distribution of this video.

To all those who give a donation towards the families of Netzer Hazani, they will receive the 40 minute video as a gift.

For all information regarding donations and the video please visit the following websites:

For information on US tax deductible donations:

For information on Israeli tax deductible donations:

As soon as the movie is finished it will be shipped to those who donated towards the families of Netzer Hazani.

Every donation is blessed.

"Expelled from Netzer Hazani by Fellow Jews"

Link to the 4 minute trailer:

Please pass this on to all lists and friends.
Tizku L'mitzvot!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Reality without needing any explanation...

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Regardless if you agree or disagree with the expulsion of Gush Katif this picture says it all.


Friday, September 16, 2005

Procesing the New Reality in Israel

To be totally honest, I'm still in the process of processing everything in order to redefine where I stand and what I believe, so I can't give you a definitive answer yet.

But I can tell you some things for sure.

I will continue to celebrate Yom haatzmaut - because the Jewish people returning to rule in the land of Isreal was a miracle.

I will continue to celebrate Yom Yerushalyim because that too was a miracle.

I will continue to say the prayer for the medinah, although with much pain because of what this state is doing to its own fellow Jews, because this is our homeland.

Our problem today is not with the state, it is with the people who run and influence the state - a big difference, but one that is complicated and makes the process of deciding how to decide on my/our future actions/beliefs very complex.

I will continue to say the prayer for soldiers, although I support the move to change the wording so that it no longer includes "blessing all their actions", because some of those actions are now being taken against fellow Jews. (the official officers courses in the army will now formally include lessons from the expulsion - a firm indication that the army is already planning for more expulsions in the future!).

As of this moment I have decided not to continue to serve in miluim, because the army has been abused by its army leadership and turned into a tool against the Jewish people. And I will have no part of it until those leaders are thrown out and the army will no longer be used against fellow Jews.

This decision was not an easy one for me, especially since there is so much the army does do to continue to protect us, but I can no longer serve in an army that has been turned into a tool against fellow Jews and whose soldiers have been turned into robots who just follow orders (yes they have feelings, but in the end they followed orders that they knew were wrong).

I do not say this only because the army was involved in the expulsion, I say this because I know how the army prepared the soldiers for the expulsion - by teaching the soldiers that us YESHA residents are a danger to Israel, and that we were planning on shooting them (there was much much more stuff they taught that is despicable)....this, when it is well known in the army that some of the most decorated and motivated soldiers come from our community! I have heard much about how the army leadership prepared the soldiers for the expulsion, and i will have no part in serving under that leadership.

I used to speak to audiences in America about how when I served in the Israeli army I knew that I was standing up and defending Jews around the world, not just Israelis. In todays situation, I no longer believe that, because Jews expelling Jews and destroying Jewish communities will assist in the growth of anti-semitic acts around the world.

I will return to serve in miluim when the Israeli army returns to being an army that defends Jews around the world by first defending Jews in Israel.

That is as far as I have processed the "new" reality in Israel. There is still much more to process. This is not a simple issue and it is not simple in defining what I will or will not do. There are inherent inconsistencies that I will have to work out intellectualy and emotionally.

The bottom line is that our problem is with the people who run and influence this state, not with the state.

And we will get rid of those people, maybe not next year, or even in 5 years, but we will get rid of them, because we have faith in our path and in the destiny of Am Yisrael/Eretz Yisrael, they just have the greed for power and a disdain for all that the Jewish people stand for.

But regardless, this is the place to be, because this is where we are writing Jewish history and developing the nation of Israel into an or la'goim. We have lots of work to do, so we need all the good Jews we could get to help us achieve our goals. The sooner you come and join us the sooner we can get rid of the current movers and shakers in Israel.

Oh, I also believe that the Israeli flag should become blue, white and orange, and I'm not kidding.

"Expelled from Netzer Hazani by Fellow Jews"

Monday, September 12, 2005

I Cry, Yet I already see the Light at the End of the Tunnel

I cry over the Israeli institutions that did nothing to save Shules in Gush Katif.
I cry over the Israeli government that abused the democratic tools to pass an immoral plan to expel Jews from their homes.
I cry over the Israeli government that has not yet seen fit to declare the explusioin from Gush Katif as a sad occurrence in the history of the Land of Israel.
I cry over the Israeli Supreme Court that cares more about how a seperation fence effects the lifestyle of the Arabs than 8,000 Jews being expelled from their homes.
I cry over the Israeli Supreme Court that allowed civil liberties to be trampled upon in the protest against the Expulsion plan (a 50 page report is coming out soon detailing this).
I cry over the Israeli Supreme Court that allowed the police to place 12 year old girls in prison and allowed 14 year old girls to be placed in solitary confinement for protesting the expulsion plan..
I cry over the Israeli police who beat up Jewish protesters for protesting against the expulsion plan, in the streets and in jail.
I cry over the leadership of the Israeli army whom brainwashed the soldiers into believing that they must obey orders to defend the Israeli democracy.
I cry over the leadership of the Israeli army whom spent months brainwashing the soldiers that the residents of YESHA are extremists who might possibly use firearms to shoot at the soldiers.
I cry over the Israeli media that have blatantly disregarded all the government corruption that has lead to the implementation of the expulsion plan.
I cry over the Israeli media who express happiness that Jews have been expelled from their homes and that Gush Katif is Judenrien.

The list goes on and on against the Israeli institutions...

Yet I'm happy that the true face of our Israeli institutions has now been revealed for all to see.

People are now realizing that the façade of the Jewish state that has existed is just that, a façade, and the time has come to get rid of those who make up the current Israeli institutions in order to make them Jewish institutions. Those who want an Israel without a semblance of Jewish values are now going to get people waking up who want a Jewish State – an Israel which lives and breathes Jewish values.

Israel is in the midst of a culture war. A culture war between those few elite who are involved in creating Israeli government policy, leading the Israeli Supreme Court and deciding the editorial lines of the Israeli media versus the Jewish people.

The Israeli institutions that make up Israel don't want a Jewish state, they want an Israeli state with none of the Jewish values that go along with the Jewish people. They are in direct conflict with us Jews who are interested in making sure that Israel become a Jewish state - in practice and not in rhetoric!

This cultural war is only just beginning, but the Jews will win, because we make up the majority. Most Israelis feel Jewish and want the State of Israel to have a Jewish identity, even if they themselves are not religious. The Jews have faith and belief on their side, the Israelis have corruption and evil on their side. The Jews in the end will win. The sooner it takes more and more Jews to realize this reality the sooner the Jews will win this culture war!

With all that I mourn over Gush Katif, I'm extremely happy that the corrupt and evil elite Israelis are showing their true colors. The Jewish majority will win this culture war and we will one day return to Gush Katif! It is just too bad that Jews had to expelled from their homes in Gush Katif in order to awaken our fellow Jews to this reality.

May the awakening begin!

Jewish Values for a Jewish State!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Israel about to Destroy Synogogues! A Cry to the Heavens!!!
- Jews have been expelled from their homes because they are Jews

- Jews have been expelled from their homes by fellow Israelis

- Jews are living as refugees in Israel

- Millions of dollars worth of equipment have been left behind in Gush Katif, not being allowed to be returned to their rightful owners, because there is "no more time" to get them out

- Jewish communities have been destroyed by an Israeli government

- Shules are about to be destroyed by an Israeli government

- The Israeli Supreme court has let this all happen

- The Israeli media have let this all happen

- The Arabs are waiting to start their killing spree

Israel is acting as if it is no longer a Jewish country.
Israel is acting as if it were run by anti-semites.
Anti-semites around the world will now want to do the same thing in other countries and we will have no reason to stop them - because "if a (supposedly) Jewish country did this, then so can we"

Wake up and smell the coffee - this is a CULTURE war between Israelis and Jews and you still don't get it!!!

Hashem Yerachem!

Eretz Yisrael is the Jewish homeland and we will overcome the current hardships that the corrupt Israeli institutions are causing us.

When will Jews in Israel wake up to this reality and begin to act accordingly?

When will all Jews come home and help us make this country the Jewish country we are supposed to spend our lives building?

When will the Jews in the diaspora wake up and realize that they are on the wrong side of the ocean?

When will Jews in the diaspora wake up and realize that what is going on here is partly because they are not here with us trying to strengthen the Jewish identity of the State?

Eretz Yisrael is the place for all Jews. Now more than ever this message must be realized.

God forgive us for our sins and God forgive us for the hardships that will now befall world Jewry because of what Israel has done to it's own Jewish citizens, and because of the apathy and weakness Jews have in their own beliefs.

When will we wake up? When?

"Expelled from Netzer Hazani by Fellow Jews"
Must See Movie on Expulsion of Jews from their homes by fellow Jews

Click on the link to the movie and please think about the lives of these people. There is so much to write about my experience in Gush Katif until the expulsion. Soon, I will take out the time to blog it. In the meantime, I'm still very sad and mourning the tragedy that took place to our holy nation.

We will overcome this tragedy and sadness, but we must not forget what has taken place and is still taking place.

"Expelled from Netzer Hazani by Fellow Jews"