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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Click here to listen to Tzafir Ronen Telling it Like it is about the Land of Israel

Tzafrir Ronen - Passed away this past Shabbat, December 27, 2008

At the Jerusalem Conference speaking on the true identity of the land disputed between Jews and Arabs. Must See!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tonight a project I'm promoting called "Hill 769", about residents in Yehuda and Shomron, was featured on CNN international news tonight ! The coverage was titled - "A Different View of Israeli Settlers".
I must admit that being interviewed by journalists about the feelings many have towards the way journalists portray residents of Yehuda and Shomron was quite challenging. But we succeeded in explaining our side of the story and why we feel the journalists are unfair in their coverage of Yehuda and Shomron residents. 
The other point they wanted to understand from us was our take on violence by Yehuda and Shomron residents. Here too we explained that a small minority have taken to violence because they feel that the democratic system has been abused and no legal means are left to struggle for their rights.
Here are a number of great articles on this issue:
2. Civil Fights: Why Violence Has Replaced Democracy - written in the Jerusalem Post
I would love to hear your thoughts about the CNN coverage. It is quite an accomplishment for such a topic.

Also, please feel free to pass on the the coverage link to anyone you feel might be interested in this issue.

Anyone who is interested to sign up for updates about this and other initiatives regarding media promoting a different perspective about Israel and Yehuda and Shomron can sign up here:

Kol Tuv,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Now the Likud can be put in check by all sides within the party, healthier for the country and the party.

JPost article about Bibi worried that Moshe Feiglin will top the Likud list.

Strengthening the Benny Begin's and Moshe Feiglin's in the Likud is best to give Bibi the backing, within the party, to stand up to the pressures that will definitely come.

Kadima can build it's whole strategy based on the scare tactic of the Likud being Benny Begin and Moshe Feiglin - a strategy that I think will boomerang since most people have realized that the path of Oslo and giving away Israel's heartland and homeland is not pragmatic but suicidal.

Pragmaticism in today's reality is thinking how do we live alongside a population that doesn't want us here at all. That necessitates a whole other way of thinking, contrary to the land for "peace" that the Labor, Kadima, and even Bibi, still talk about as the only approach (each with their own customizations - Bibi's "peace for security" approach still includes giving away Israeli land).

Oslo has failed us for 15 years, causing thousands of deaths, thousands of rockets, firepower, guns and enemy terrorists minutes away from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (that wouldn't be there had Oslo not been illegally put together by Yossi Belien and Shimon Peres and then ratified by the Knesset in bribery-sin.

I think Israelis are ready for the next approach please....

Scare us with the Likud of Benny Begin and Moshe Feiglin and let's see what the average Israeli does at the ballot box.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The "ceasefire" between Israel and the Hamas officially ends on Jan. 19th, then what? What will Hamas do with the thousands of rockets it is stockpiling in Gaza?

In the meantime, in order to protect the children of Sderot who want to live normal lives, the State of Isreal bulit rocket proof playground toys! You got to see it to believe it!

A new video from Nachman Seltzer and the Shira Chadasha Boys Choir. This is off their second CD, the song is called Yizkerem, it was composed after the attack on the student of Yeshivas Mercaz Harav.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Check out this area of Israel where winemakers, cheesemakers, organic egg developers, leather tanners (for Torah/Tefillin/Mezuzah scrolls) and environmental experts who set up wind turbines for electricity all have set up shop.

Not only are they developing the Land of Israel but they are also helping the economy of Israel grow as well:

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Following my earlier post on which US president elect will be better at leading the US and the western world against the global jihadist war of civilization taking place, I noted that neither politician will be good but one will be better.

Well to all those who are pinning their high hopes on John McCain to be the one who will defend America, the Western world and Israel against the global jihadists, then the following links are food for thought regarding McCain's going on record that he would consider sending James Baker to micromanage the Middle East conflict

James Baker is very involved with the oil industry and works very closely with Saudi Arabian interests. This gives a very good indication of where his interests lie when dealing with the Middle East, hence not via a lense of doing what is best for the US and the western world but what is best for the oil industry.

Knowing that McCain even considers sending James Baker to micro-manage the Middle East issues is very troubling indeed and does not bode well for having the necessary leader to lead the US and the western world against the global jihadists (whose ideology is being spread around the world with the backing of Saudi Arabian Princes who James Baker works with to make all the oil profits)

McCains full comments on James Baker

Dear Mr. McCain, here's my dilemma

With it all, I think it is still clear that McCain is much more suited to lead the US and the Western world against the global jihadists as opposed to Obama. However, I believe that people should still be realistic and realize that he might be better but that doesn't mean he can do the job right either to really lead the US and the Western world to defeat the global jihadists in their war against the West. Thinking about possibly sending James Baker to handle the Middle East for a US government means that a McCain administration will very probably continue to be beholden to oil and continue to allow Saudi Arabia to spread it's ideology of global jihad in mosques worldwide, including in the US, as well as continue to buy up University chairs and fellowships, having their ideology continue to permeate US college campuses.

What will be necessary, as I noted earlier, is a strong and proud Israel that will standup for itself (even against the world's wishes), which is actually defending the whole Western world since the Middle East is the frontline of this global jihad battle. If the frontline falls, the lines in the rear will fall as well.
I was recently asked on Facebook why I'm working on the Likud primaries and not working with/for the Mafdal-Haichud Haleumi party. The person who asked the question knows his stuff because he mentions that Benny Elon's 'Israel Initiative' plan is better than any plan the Likud party has ever offered.

In response to this very good question I posted the following response:

I agree. However Benny Elon's plan has never been adopted by the Ichud Haleumi-Mafdal party and with all the great parliamentary work that individual MKs from that party do for Am Yisrael, the Ichud Haleumi-Mafdal party is unfortunately not a realistic alternative to lead this country and it can't even decide how to "organize" to be a more attractive party that can represent true leadership for the nation and be an alternative to lead this country!

I would rather work to strengthen the strong and proud Jewish MKs(and non-Jewish - Ayoub Kara is one of the strongest supporters of a strong Jewish Israel more than many other Mks, including many other Likud MKs) that the Likud has a chance to offer since it is has the realistic option of leading this country. Knowing that not all of the possible future Likud MKs are up to my standards to develop and protect a strong and proud Israel, it is important that I work hard so that as many of the right MKS get into the next government.

What do you think?
The US elections are upon us and there are many people who always talk about "which candidate is better for Israel".

I personally don't understand why people still say that phrase. It has become more and more obvious, with each passing year, that the threats that face Israel are the same threats that face the US and the Western world. Israel is just the "canary in the mine". After successfully attacking and weakening Israel then the global jihadists (led by Saudia Arabian money and Iranian terror-groups and money) go on to attack and weaken the US and the whole Western world. If the world would have supported "little satan" (Israel) in quashing the enemies that wish to destroy it then they wouldn't have continued on to destroy the "big satan" (the US) and the other Western countries.

Anyone voting in the US elections should be voting for the candidate that will be the better world leader to run the US to lead the western world in the war being waged against the whole western world, including Israel. Whoever is better to defend America is also the one better to defend England, France, Spain, Canada and Israel!

A big disservice is done when people say "the candidate that is better for Israel". Any candidate that is good for defending the US against the global jihad is good for Israel as well. The same thing for the US economy - whichever candidate is better for the US economy is better for Israel as well since so much of Israel's profit and non-profit "economies" are very closely tied to the US economy. So stop saying "better for Israel", it is the candidate that is better for the US.

Regarding the candidates themselves, even though I definitely think one candidate is better for leading the Western world in the war of civilizations that we are in today(the other candidate, in my opinion, is clearly a much more European oriented policymaker who will weaken the US tremendously), however I have no doubt that even the candidate I prefer won't be that good for Israel and here are my 2 reasons why:

1. Even if the next president continues the Bush Middle East policy then that is not good news for Israel because even with Bushes great speeches that we all applauded at when he took a strong stance against terror, his actual policies, especially during his second tenure were totally a continuation of the Clinton doctrine (except for Iraq). Colin Power and Condi Rice continued the State Dept. policy in pressuring Israel, even when Bushes speeches hinted otherwise, and I don't think the next President will be any better for Israel than that. One might say that Bush wasn't that bad for Israel because he didn't push his Secretary of State like Clinton did, he just gave her a free hand. One also might say that Bush was definitely much better than any Democratic candidate would have been. I totally agree with those statements, but he wasn't good for Israel, just better than the alternative. I don't expect anything more from the candidate who I believe to be the better candidate in this election as well - He won't be good for defending US, the Western world and Israel, but he will be much better then his opponent.

Just read this very telling article written by Caroline Glick that spells this out very clearly, as Caroline Glick always does.

2. With all of my high hopes for a US President who will stand up to defend the Western World (and support Israel in it's fighting the front-line of this war), a strong policy against global jihad will never be achieved until Israel is looked upon (for good or bad) as being the role model for it's strong stance in battling the front line of this global battle (not just in having the best technology in how to take out a lone terrorist while sitting on second floor of a building, but in doing everything possible to wipe out all the terrorists and the societal support structures that allow it to take over Aran society. Unfortunately, that is the extreme opposite of today's Israeli policy which is to set up a country for the Arab enemies that want to destroy Israel, right in our back yard where Iran will set up shop to move onto the next stage to destroy Israel.

When Israel stands strong, then the western world has the ability to stand strong as well. But when Israel gives in to terrorism and to the forces who want to rule a world of Islam and dhimmis, then the world doesn't have the role model to look up to in order to help it lead the battle to win. I'm not nieve either. Initially the whole western world will condemn Israel for it's policies in wiping out the terrorists and their supporting societal infrastructure, but due to their verbal and diplomatic assualts on Israel, the Western world will then be ripe for continued attacks on its own turf, and that is when they will learn from Israel's lead in how to battle the growing force of global jihad. It has less to do with actual fighting and more to do with bringing an end to the liberal minded policies in the Western world that allow the global jihadists to get away with their injustices.

Unfortunately, in order for all this to happen Israel needs a strong leadership that does not give in to our enemies, and that type of leadership doesn't exist at the moment so I can't expect anymore from a US leader when Israel doesn't even stand up for itself.

So, here's to another US election where we have high hopes for the best leader to lead the US and the whole Western world, but where, in my opinion, we will all be disappointed, because without a strong Israel to lead by example in battling the forces of jihad that want to destroy Israel and the West, no US President will be able to do the job. Vote wisely on Nov. 4th, but keep the following thoughts in mind as well. In the end the future of the Western world and Israel is up to us in Israel to lead the way. When will Israel change direction to do that? that is the question! and the answer is up to all of us. A strong proud Jewish leadership is necessary to lead Israel to make that happen? How many strong proud Jewish leaders do you know of today in the Israeli political scene who could place Israel as the role model for the Western world?

In the meantime, here is an initiative to educate the public about the threats to Israel and the Western world as well as educate people around the world about Israel - IMPACT ISRAEL.
Even though this video is focused on the US elections, it is a very telling tale regarding the existing and developing threats to Israel and the Western world. Therefore the need for a TV program to educate and empower the masses: IMPACT ISRAEL

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arutz7 - Media, Politicians Join Attack on Kiriyat Arba Residents

Again the media and politicians miss the real story, intentionally!

A Jewish home was destroyed by the Israeli army - in the middle of the night(1:30AM!) - without any warning what-so-ever to the family. Even worse, it is reported that the mother and her children were even beaten by the evacuating police force. And all the news in the mainstream media and the politicians is about some bystander who screamed and yelled nasty things at the police officers for what they were doing.

That IS NOT THE STORY. But it becomes the story because that's the part the media and policiticans want the public to focus on.

First the attack by the media and the politicians on the Jews of Ako instead of focusing on the horrible pogrom that took place there at the hands of their Arab neighbors and now this?
JPost: US to Open Interest Office in Iran

Obama isn't even elected yet and the US administration is already planning on giving legitimacy to the core sponsor of world terrorists out to destroy the West, including Israel - Iran. Remember, the Jewish people and Israel have always been the 'canary in the mine' - Iran first is targeting Israel, since we are the easy target that the world will give up like Chzekoslovakia, but then the whole Western World will be threatened with Iranian nuclear weapons.

I guess you can say that is a little sign of the new era we are entering where freedom loving people around the world will be on the defensive against global-jihad terrorists. Iran and their global terrorists have the upper hand because the US has joined Europe in "giving in" to them. Will Israel have the leadership necessary to stand up for itself and help the West regain it's composure to save itself from the jihad Islamists?

Let's hope, pray and take over the leadership ourselves!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm posting this emergency update that I just received regarding Hevron. Anyone who can act upon this please do. This is Pikuach Nefesh mamash!

Emergency update. Very soon, crazy as this may seem to you, the Israeli Government intends to transfer responsibility for security in Hebron to the Palestinian Authority. This, the Israeli government assures us, is going to ensure that the Hamas terror organization does not take control of of Hebron.

Now, there are 2 things that we actually know about the PA: First, their own "policemen" have numerous times been involved themselves in terror attacks against Israelis -- by some accounts, more terror attacks than the Hamas initiates. Second, the Palestinian Authority, motivated as they are when it comes to attacking Israelis and Jews, have absolutely no ability to fight against the Hamas (as we saw in Gaza). So, this is yet another ridiculous idea on the part of the government, but it needs to be taken seriously and stopped NOW, because we are informed that the Palestinians may be given control in about a week (during Succot).

This is the third time that an Israeli government is trying to put Hebron into the hands of the Palestinians, hoping that a miracle will happen and the Palestinians will have miraculously turned into Belgians or Canadians. The first time, the Palestinians shot at Jews in Hebron for a year and a half. When the Palestinians shot Baby Chalhevette to death, the government finally realized that the IDF had to take over, but it was too late for the little baby's grieving parents, of course. The second time, 12 Israeli soldiers and security men lost their lives in one day - including the renowned Aluf Mishne Dror Veinberg. The government hastily sent the army to re-enter Hebron, however it was too late, a Hebron suicide bomber had already made his way to Haifa and 17 more Haifa people were killed when this Hebron bomber exploded himself a little while later in their city. 29 dead due to one foolish and avoidable government decision.

As usual, the Shas ministers can easily handle this problem by shouting loudly that they will go to early elections if the Government of Israel dares to put Jewish lives into the hands of a bunch of killers for a third time. So, as we have done in the past, we need to persuade Shas to take a stance here. If everybody could please contact Eli Yishai and say he cannot just stand by and let Israelis and Jews get killed by giving Hebron as a present to terrorists -- that will be very helpful. Remind him 29 people got killed last time -- this must be on his conscience.

Eli Yishai's phone number at home is 02-651-0259 (till midnight tonight, or till 3 PM before Yom Kippur; or from 1 hour AFTER the fast till midnight, or any time Friday till Shabat comes in, or any time Shabat night till midnight, or of course any time Sunday on). Almost always, an answering machine is on. Leave a message -- even in English. Or use all 3 of the following fax numbers: 02 6513655 026662909 02-6662907

Thank you very much indeed for helping -- now and many times in the past -- to save lives. You are great. Kol hakavod and Gmar Hatima Tova (happy new year) from Mattot Arim.
Soldiers uprooting Jewish planted olive trees and getting rid of the evidence! Then a court case was presented against the Jewish land owners against their illegal building (!) - claiming that the water piping installed was preparation for a new Jewish community.

Who has a few minutes to write English subtitles for this important Hebrew clip?

Obviously orders were given to do such a thing. This is today's reality in Israel. how sad.

We have our work cut out for us!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sometimes we go through life so certain of ourselves and how our lives are going.

One thing I've always said about living in Israel is that, somehow, no matter how certain things seem, there is always room for the need to have a bit of emunah/belief in our lives. Somehow G-d made it that way, and I guess he had his reasons for that.

However, in other places around the world that is not always the case.

However, this past year was one of those years that no matter where one lives, the need for a little bit of emunah was definitely recognized because things that took place around us, and are still taking place, makes everything we take for granted so uncertain.

With the hurricanes - Gustav, Hanna, Ike - and then the financial bankruptcies - Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual - the certainty of the most basic thing like having a roof over ones head and money to put food on the table are not such certainties for all as they once were.

With the new year upon us, I wish everyone a sweet new year, a year filled with prayer and health, filled with happiness and satisfaction, filled with much family time and lots of love and most of all filled with EMUNAH/BELIEF in the one above and all that he does for us, when we understand his ways and even when we don't understand his ways.

May this upcoming year be a good one for all, for Am Yisrael, for Eretz Yisrael and for all of mankind.

Waiting and working to bring the geula/redemption,

Avi, Rachel, Yakir, Itai and Ziv

Enjoy some of our recent pics below!

Ketiva v'Chatima Tova to all!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

הראיוןי באלג'זירה על ירושלים מתורגם לעברית עם מוטי קידר מרצה מאוניברסיטה בר אילן

Must see Al Jazeera interview translated in English about Jerusalem with Bar Ilan Professor Moti Kedar

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Must Read Response to Mr. Bielski (Head of JAFI, WZO) - Couldn't say it better myself...Thank you Buddy Macy
Shalom Mr. Bielski,

I am writing in response to your statement, as attached, concerning the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva terrorist attack last Thursday.

You wrote: "...the cruel terror perpetrated against Jews in Israel and around the world by our enemies who will not accept the existence of the State of Israel as the state of the Jewish People."

Also: "...all this shows the hatred, cruelty and total lack of humanity that characterizes the enemy we face."

And: "Let us all pray that the Jewish People and the State of Israel shall live in peace and security."

I am not an observant man, but one concept I understand from Judaism is that G-d helps those who help themselves. Why should G-d help us, when we acknowledge the facts in your first two statements, above, yet we do not act to remove our enemies...instead projecting our qualities of decency, morality and the cherishing of life on our despicable, vile foes? Why should G-d step in, when we do not learn from history...instead embracing fantasy? And, why should G-d lend a helping hand, when we lack any Jewish identity, self-respect or pride...refusing even to help the victims of daily rocket attacks in Israel? It is obvious that G-d wants us to earn security and peace for Israel and the Jewish People, not just pray for it.

Of course, I fully support your efforts to honor the victims of the Jerusalem terror attack.

The most fitting tribute to the six teenagers and two adults, and to the scores of injured, would be for Jewish leaders throughout the Diaspora to face the tragic reality of Israel's peril and speak out against Olmert's, and the Israeli Government's, appeasement of terror, including their release of hundreds of convicted terrorists with blood on their hands, their refusal to properly address the constant rocket attacks in Sderot, throughout the western Negev and now, Ashkelon, and their support of a fantasy-based two-state solution. Our enemies, including those who committed and planned the horrific attack in Jerusalem and the one a month ago in Dimona, view appeasement as weakness. And, weakness motivates them to further violence and destruction.

Yes, it is our duty to demonstrate our solidarity with our fellow Jews in Israel now, as always. The best way of accomplishing this is to do everything possible to prevent a repeat of the horrific terror attacks. Let us honor the victims of terror by acting with courage and strength against those seeking to destroy us a way that will make their family and friends proud.

Most sincerely,

Buddy Macy