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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arutz7 - Media, Politicians Join Attack on Kiriyat Arba Residents

Again the media and politicians miss the real story, intentionally!

A Jewish home was destroyed by the Israeli army - in the middle of the night(1:30AM!) - without any warning what-so-ever to the family. Even worse, it is reported that the mother and her children were even beaten by the evacuating police force. And all the news in the mainstream media and the politicians is about some bystander who screamed and yelled nasty things at the police officers for what they were doing.

That IS NOT THE STORY. But it becomes the story because that's the part the media and policiticans want the public to focus on.

First the attack by the media and the politicians on the Jews of Ako instead of focusing on the horrible pogrom that took place there at the hands of their Arab neighbors and now this?
JPost: US to Open Interest Office in Iran

Obama isn't even elected yet and the US administration is already planning on giving legitimacy to the core sponsor of world terrorists out to destroy the West, including Israel - Iran. Remember, the Jewish people and Israel have always been the 'canary in the mine' - Iran first is targeting Israel, since we are the easy target that the world will give up like Chzekoslovakia, but then the whole Western World will be threatened with Iranian nuclear weapons.

I guess you can say that is a little sign of the new era we are entering where freedom loving people around the world will be on the defensive against global-jihad terrorists. Iran and their global terrorists have the upper hand because the US has joined Europe in "giving in" to them. Will Israel have the leadership necessary to stand up for itself and help the West regain it's composure to save itself from the jihad Islamists?

Let's hope, pray and take over the leadership ourselves!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm posting this emergency update that I just received regarding Hevron. Anyone who can act upon this please do. This is Pikuach Nefesh mamash!

Emergency update. Very soon, crazy as this may seem to you, the Israeli Government intends to transfer responsibility for security in Hebron to the Palestinian Authority. This, the Israeli government assures us, is going to ensure that the Hamas terror organization does not take control of of Hebron.

Now, there are 2 things that we actually know about the PA: First, their own "policemen" have numerous times been involved themselves in terror attacks against Israelis -- by some accounts, more terror attacks than the Hamas initiates. Second, the Palestinian Authority, motivated as they are when it comes to attacking Israelis and Jews, have absolutely no ability to fight against the Hamas (as we saw in Gaza). So, this is yet another ridiculous idea on the part of the government, but it needs to be taken seriously and stopped NOW, because we are informed that the Palestinians may be given control in about a week (during Succot).

This is the third time that an Israeli government is trying to put Hebron into the hands of the Palestinians, hoping that a miracle will happen and the Palestinians will have miraculously turned into Belgians or Canadians. The first time, the Palestinians shot at Jews in Hebron for a year and a half. When the Palestinians shot Baby Chalhevette to death, the government finally realized that the IDF had to take over, but it was too late for the little baby's grieving parents, of course. The second time, 12 Israeli soldiers and security men lost their lives in one day - including the renowned Aluf Mishne Dror Veinberg. The government hastily sent the army to re-enter Hebron, however it was too late, a Hebron suicide bomber had already made his way to Haifa and 17 more Haifa people were killed when this Hebron bomber exploded himself a little while later in their city. 29 dead due to one foolish and avoidable government decision.

As usual, the Shas ministers can easily handle this problem by shouting loudly that they will go to early elections if the Government of Israel dares to put Jewish lives into the hands of a bunch of killers for a third time. So, as we have done in the past, we need to persuade Shas to take a stance here. If everybody could please contact Eli Yishai and say he cannot just stand by and let Israelis and Jews get killed by giving Hebron as a present to terrorists -- that will be very helpful. Remind him 29 people got killed last time -- this must be on his conscience.

Eli Yishai's phone number at home is 02-651-0259 (till midnight tonight, or till 3 PM before Yom Kippur; or from 1 hour AFTER the fast till midnight, or any time Friday till Shabat comes in, or any time Shabat night till midnight, or of course any time Sunday on). Almost always, an answering machine is on. Leave a message -- even in English. Or use all 3 of the following fax numbers: 02 6513655 026662909 02-6662907

Thank you very much indeed for helping -- now and many times in the past -- to save lives. You are great. Kol hakavod and Gmar Hatima Tova (happy new year) from Mattot Arim.
Soldiers uprooting Jewish planted olive trees and getting rid of the evidence! Then a court case was presented against the Jewish land owners against their illegal building (!) - claiming that the water piping installed was preparation for a new Jewish community.

Who has a few minutes to write English subtitles for this important Hebrew clip?

Obviously orders were given to do such a thing. This is today's reality in Israel. how sad.

We have our work cut out for us!!!