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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

An Idea to Help Bring About a True Peace in the Middle East


My idea is to consistently and forcefully promote a diplomatic plan that calls upon the world leaders (United Nations, United States and Europe) to work with the Arab Countries (that attacked Israel in the Independence War) to resettle the Palestinian Arab refugees because they have direct blame for them becoming refugees.

The reason I think this diplomatic idea is a good one is because it:

1. Allows the Leumi camp to alter the issues being discussed about the conflict

2. Places the responsibility for the Middle East conflict on the Arab countries

3. Allows the true reasons for the Middle East conflict to come to the fore

4. Allows the public (world, Jewish, especially Israeli public who sway Israeli public opinion) to begin to question the validity of the accepted solution (A Palestinian State)

5. Places the Leumi camp in a positive light with a positive diplomatic plan

This is different than a diplomatic plan for Transfer, because even the idea of transfer, coming from us, means that we take responsibility for the Palestinians. The idea that I propose diplomatically takes the responsibility of dealing with the refugees away from us and puts it where it belongs – with the Arab countries.


Fact – ‘No to a Palestinian State’ did not work in the elections. (Much of the public has already accepted this as a fait accompli – they just want to end the matzav).

Fact – The real war behind the Oslo war is the war over the facts of the Middle East conflict.

Fact - As of now we have LOST the war over the facts almost totally – the world and most of the Jewish/Israeli people have accepted the version of the conflict that the Arabs created. (Even if they haven’t accepted the version of the conflict, they have accepted the solution of a Palestinian State, i.e. Donald Rumsfeld.

Fact – Nobody speaks about or deals with the historic reasons behind the conflict. (A Palestinian State is the accepted solution to the issue).

Also, now that the Arab world is the “sights” of the world community, and not immune to criticism, I think this is the opportune time to promote such as idea.

I would really like to hear your feedback and advice about what I wrote as well as advice on how to bring this idea before the right wing camp in general.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I have already prepared an online petition to help promote this idea that I put it up on the web two days ago. Any advice you can give me on publicizing the petition would be helpful as well.

The online petition can be found at:

I put time and effort into this idea because I can’t sit idly by watching the facts of the situation become irrelevant and our horrible matzav contine. I believe that as long as the real reasons behind the conflict are not dealt with, our matzav will continue. I would really appreciate any help you can give me on this. Thanks again.

Avi Abelow