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Monday, September 29, 2008

Sometimes we go through life so certain of ourselves and how our lives are going.

One thing I've always said about living in Israel is that, somehow, no matter how certain things seem, there is always room for the need to have a bit of emunah/belief in our lives. Somehow G-d made it that way, and I guess he had his reasons for that.

However, in other places around the world that is not always the case.

However, this past year was one of those years that no matter where one lives, the need for a little bit of emunah was definitely recognized because things that took place around us, and are still taking place, makes everything we take for granted so uncertain.

With the hurricanes - Gustav, Hanna, Ike - and then the financial bankruptcies - Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual - the certainty of the most basic thing like having a roof over ones head and money to put food on the table are not such certainties for all as they once were.

With the new year upon us, I wish everyone a sweet new year, a year filled with prayer and health, filled with happiness and satisfaction, filled with much family time and lots of love and most of all filled with EMUNAH/BELIEF in the one above and all that he does for us, when we understand his ways and even when we don't understand his ways.

May this upcoming year be a good one for all, for Am Yisrael, for Eretz Yisrael and for all of mankind.

Waiting and working to bring the geula/redemption,

Avi, Rachel, Yakir, Itai and Ziv

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Ketiva v'Chatima Tova to all!!!