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Wednesday, October 17, 2001

The World Has Turned Upside Down

I write to you all today with a heavy heart.

It's not easy for me nowadays to go on with my daily
life of work. Unfortunately, I just feel that work
nowadays is "hakol hevel".

I have always known that the world is a nutty place
-where justice really isn't just, where people believe
outright lies because it is convenient for them not to
have to face the truth, and where many people live
lives of black and white, when really much of
everything in life is somewhat grey.

The world mamish has turned upsides down lately, not
only are Jews not safe in many places but neither are
Americans, and it is very hard for me not to let
everything going on today effect my mood.

To top it off, today a great leader of the Jewish
people was killed. It is hard enough for any innocent
person to be killed, hard enough for any innocent Jew
to be killed just for being a Jew, but it is
especially hard when a Jew who spends his life
dedicated to the Jewish people and the Land of Israel
is killed. Even those in Israel who totally disagreed
with Ze'evi, all agree that they lost one of the most
principled and dedicated Jewish leaders in Israel.
Unfortunately, principles Jewish leaders totally
didicated to the Jewish people and the Land of Israel
are hard to come by. Especailly today, in our
generation of cynicism and idiotic liberalism.

But, with it all, I must go on with my daily, mundane
work life. And I do so with as best an attitude as
possible. Because ultimately I know that there is
some grand plan taking shape, I just don't like what I
see happening, I don't understand why it has to
happen, and I probably never will. But, as Shlomo
Hamelech writes in the last sentence of Kohelet - "We
shall have awe for G-d and we shall keep his mitzvot,
because that is what man is supposed to do."

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