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Thursday, January 09, 2003

Israeli Democracy?

***I write the following harsh words about Israeli democracy because I believe that true change can only come about when we, en mass, start saying the naked truth about the situation loud and clear. Otherwise, we continue to play according to the rules of the undemocratic ruling elite. ***

Israel’s Democracy Must Be Changed!!

Yitzchak Rabin was quoted as saying that he had to try the Oslo accords because Israel couldn’t fight the Arabs anymore because of the Israeli Supreme Court.

Today we were provided further proof of that unfortunate fact.

The decisions made today in the Supreme Court allowing Tibi and Bashara to run for the Knesset had nothing to do with the law and everything to do with executing a particular ideology, (an immoral-European one, I might add, that appeases the ruthless, and directly & indirectly hurts the innocent).

As the symbol and executor of “authentic” Israeli Democracy, the Supreme Court further provided proof for me that this type of democracy must be changed.

My vote will go to the political party that earnestly and constantly communicates the messages below loud and clear to the Israeli public:

**Israel’s laws of democratic conduct must be changed.

**It is undemocratic for Supreme Court Judges to pick fellow Judges.

**A vote for Labor/Mitzna is a vote for politicians who support enemies of Israel to sit in the Knesset.

**We can’t totally win the war against the West Bank/Gaza Arabs and their Israeli Arab supporters if our own Supreme Court continues to take steps to defend their undisputed evil words and actions.

Following Rabin’s logic we should act towards changing Israel’s Supreme Court/laws of Democracy so that we can be allowed to win the war against the Arabs. We can not continue the dangerous Oslo path of land for peace towards more bloodshed.

Food for thought:

What is more immoral?

Expelling an Arab (Israeli, West Bank/Gazan) that supports the enemies of Israel and/or the killing of Israelis

Allowing the bloodshed of innocent Israelis to continue.

I believe that it is time we use our true Jewish Kup and not our Jewish-galut kup.

No, this is not the only challenge that we face in fighting out enemies, but this is one thing that we have the power to change if we start telling ourselves and the public the truth.

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