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Thursday, January 01, 2004

In Response to A Supportive Email in Response to My Gooood Morning Am Yisrael Email

Thanks a lot for your supportive reply.

As for Sharon's plan - the good thing about it is that in a sort of official way the Israeli politic (and public) is finally being told that the peace process is almost over. All the rest, removing of settlements and such is horrible - but I believe that not much of that will actually happen. Some maachazim might come down and some small inhabited yishuvim, but nothing more than that. Sharon can't, his government won't last, and he is not keen on being totally reliable on Peres and Labor as partners.

In anycase, changes are slowly happening here. I'm very involved with Manhigut Yehudit and it is a major force within the Likud party right now trying to take over the LIkud and force Sharon's hand from the inside of his party, because the small right wing parties have virtually no influence on Sharon's polcy decisions.

I'm very optomistic. It is only a question of how many more Jews will have to be killed before we Jews realize that we need a proud Jewish leadership leading Israel according to Jewish values when forming social and foreign policy that will effect our families and our future.

I highly suggest you start reading up on them, because I'm certain that little by little more will be written up on them in the press because of the changes that they are causing within the Likud. Better you be informed about them from the source rather than from the lies you will hear about them in the media.

Shabbat Shalom,

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