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Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Few Facts to Ponder

"Oslo - the Original Sin"

FACT - In 1987 Arabs stoned Israeli cars.

FACT - Before/during the Oslo process the Israeli right warned the Rabin government not to give the Arabs guns lest they be turned on Israelis.

FACT - Rabin hoped the guns would be turned on the Hamas.

FACT - Before the Oslo process the Isreali right warned the Rabin government that the Oslo process will bring rocket attacks to Sderot and Ashkelon

FACT - Suicide bombings in Israel only began after the Oslo process

QUESTION - Should Israel continue to make public policies based on false hopes?

QUESTION - If the Oslo process is the original sin that caused Israel to be terrified into giving up more and more of its own land to a sworn enemy (look at current PLO mandate that was never changed) then why are we continuing the process where it left off in 2000?

"Peace" Talks - again?

FACT - Just over a week ago the Israeli government was finally talking about a massive operation in the Gaza strip to crush the Gaza militias in order to stop the rockets flying over the fence into Sderot.

FACT - Step one of the infamous American Road Map is for the Palestinians to unarm all the armed militias. (A step that, according to the RM, must be fulfilled before any negotiations -Have you heard any Israeli demand for this step?)

QUESTION - If the euphoria of Oslo is returning and peace talks begin, why do Jews need to be transferred from their homes? Is that how peace is defined?

QUESTION - Or, if no peace is on the horizon then why are we giving the Arabs a prize for their 4 year terrorism? And why even sit down and "talk" (sic) peace with them without geting rid of their armed militias first?

The Israeli Supreme Court/Human Rights Activists Showing their True Face

FACT - The Israeli Supreme Court ruled against the State of Israel transfering the family of a terrorist from Shechem to Gaza to act as a deterent for future suicide bombers.

FACT - The Israeli Supreme Court ruled against transferring Beduin who illegaly built homes on State/army land.

FACT - The Israeli Supreme Court ruled against the planned route of the seperation wall because it cut off the path between some Arabs families and their farmlands.

QUESTION - Is the Israeli Supreme Court protecting the rights of 8,000 Israelis about to be forcefully transferred from their homes?

QUESTION - Are human rights activists protesting the planned human rights abuse of 8,000 Israeli citizens?

QUESTION - What would happen if Israel decided to transfer only 8! Arab families from their homes in the Galil to the Negev (within Israel)?

Would the world sit quietly?
Would human rights activists sit quietly?
Would human rights activists refuse orders?
Would human rights activists try to stop the soldiers?
Would the Israeli Supreme Court allow it?

Regardless of where you stand on the issue - the situation today with regards to the possible transfer of 8,000 Israeli citizens from their homes stinks and people better start focusing on the facts instead of the spins, media hype and Oslo eupohoria....

...haven't we been here before?

Here's to a better tomorrow when Jews begin to believe in themselves, their faith and their abilities as a nation to stick to their beliefs.

Human Rights for all and justice for all.....will only be accomplished when we turn the State of the Jews into a true Jewish State. Here's praying and working towards a future Jewish leadership for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.

What are you doing to change the situation?

Avi Abelow

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