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Monday, September 12, 2005

I Cry, Yet I already see the Light at the End of the Tunnel

I cry over the Israeli institutions that did nothing to save Shules in Gush Katif.
I cry over the Israeli government that abused the democratic tools to pass an immoral plan to expel Jews from their homes.
I cry over the Israeli government that has not yet seen fit to declare the explusioin from Gush Katif as a sad occurrence in the history of the Land of Israel.
I cry over the Israeli Supreme Court that cares more about how a seperation fence effects the lifestyle of the Arabs than 8,000 Jews being expelled from their homes.
I cry over the Israeli Supreme Court that allowed civil liberties to be trampled upon in the protest against the Expulsion plan (a 50 page report is coming out soon detailing this).
I cry over the Israeli Supreme Court that allowed the police to place 12 year old girls in prison and allowed 14 year old girls to be placed in solitary confinement for protesting the expulsion plan..
I cry over the Israeli police who beat up Jewish protesters for protesting against the expulsion plan, in the streets and in jail.
I cry over the leadership of the Israeli army whom brainwashed the soldiers into believing that they must obey orders to defend the Israeli democracy.
I cry over the leadership of the Israeli army whom spent months brainwashing the soldiers that the residents of YESHA are extremists who might possibly use firearms to shoot at the soldiers.
I cry over the Israeli media that have blatantly disregarded all the government corruption that has lead to the implementation of the expulsion plan.
I cry over the Israeli media who express happiness that Jews have been expelled from their homes and that Gush Katif is Judenrien.

The list goes on and on against the Israeli institutions...

Yet I'm happy that the true face of our Israeli institutions has now been revealed for all to see.

People are now realizing that the façade of the Jewish state that has existed is just that, a façade, and the time has come to get rid of those who make up the current Israeli institutions in order to make them Jewish institutions. Those who want an Israel without a semblance of Jewish values are now going to get people waking up who want a Jewish State – an Israel which lives and breathes Jewish values.

Israel is in the midst of a culture war. A culture war between those few elite who are involved in creating Israeli government policy, leading the Israeli Supreme Court and deciding the editorial lines of the Israeli media versus the Jewish people.

The Israeli institutions that make up Israel don't want a Jewish state, they want an Israeli state with none of the Jewish values that go along with the Jewish people. They are in direct conflict with us Jews who are interested in making sure that Israel become a Jewish state - in practice and not in rhetoric!

This cultural war is only just beginning, but the Jews will win, because we make up the majority. Most Israelis feel Jewish and want the State of Israel to have a Jewish identity, even if they themselves are not religious. The Jews have faith and belief on their side, the Israelis have corruption and evil on their side. The Jews in the end will win. The sooner it takes more and more Jews to realize this reality the sooner the Jews will win this culture war!

With all that I mourn over Gush Katif, I'm extremely happy that the corrupt and evil elite Israelis are showing their true colors. The Jewish majority will win this culture war and we will one day return to Gush Katif! It is just too bad that Jews had to expelled from their homes in Gush Katif in order to awaken our fellow Jews to this reality.

May the awakening begin!

Jewish Values for a Jewish State!

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