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Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Fence, The Pigua in Gush Etzion Today and the Establishment

Unfortunately, we all (most of us) knew this killing would start up
again in our area. We all hoped otherwise, but they were false hopes.
I still hope and pray that this is the end, but I have no false hopes.

Unfortunately today, settlers blood is not as red as those belonging
to Israeli citizens within the Green Line.

Which brings us to the fence - as the army has already told our
leaders, the purpose of the fence is ONLY to stop terrorists from
entering Israel (so as to not kill those Israeli citizens with really
red blood). The fact that it places our homes and cars in the
gunsights of the enemy is not important, because the fence is not
supposed to think of how best to defend us.

We also all know that the fence is not a security fence, it is a
Bagatz (High Court of Justice) fence, a route that will hopefully
stand up to the criteria of the Bagatz.

Which brings us to our reality - Israel is no longer a democracy. The
Knesset, the voice of the people, does not make the final decisions
in this country, the High Court of Justice does.

stice Barak's judicial activism means that everything is up to
Judicial judgement, the Knesset does not have a final voice in
deciding policy, the High Court of Justice does.

The laws, the ministers, the Knesset Members all have to make their
decisions based on what the High Court of Justice would approve.

It really does not seem like a bad idea, except for the fact that the
High Court of Justice is made up of a select few individuals who
appoint themselves!!

They mostly all have the same outlook on issues, even if there is the
token religioius Jews, the token Arab etc. All in all, most High
Court decisions regarding religious issues, or Land of Israel issues
are known even before they are discussed.

So, the fence issue....

What can we do to fight the Gush Etzion fence that even cuts out
Jewish owned land in order to consider the needs of the Arabs over
those of the Jews (forget about our security).

I have heard that the Moetza heads want to go to the Bagatz.

BIG MISTAKE, they are the ones who don't care about us to begin with.
Why would they change the route to "their" fence? maybe they'd make a
minor change here or there to at least come out looking like they
care about us. But change it to actually make us safe - does anybody
really think that will happen?

NO, we must protest against the Bagatz fence and protest the
illegitimacy of the Bagatz, the establishment of the establishment,
who are the real policy makers in Israel today.

We must return the country to the people and out of the hands of
Bagatz who are turning Israel into a country of all its citizens back
to the '49 borders.

We must make our voices heard and we must make our actions seen so
that everyone will know that we won't comly with the Bagatz or the
Bagatz fence because they have lost legitimacy in our eyes.

Opening a tik in the Bagatz against the fence just continues to show
that we are poodles to the establishment that are responsible for
ruining this country.

Only when the establishment sees that we no longer view them as
legititmate will we have a chance of returning the country to the
people. So long as we honor their decisions, and respect their
legitmacy, we will continue to be second class citizens in this
country, because the establishment cares more about liberal, Western
values and the lives of our enemies, than Jewish values and our own

Practical steps to follow...

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