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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Nothing expresses the absurdity and folly in the Obama Presidency than this statement:

"Obama hasn't told Iran what would happen to them if they build the (nuclear) bomb, but he has told Israel that if they build one more house (in a settlement) then the whole roof will come down" - Dick Morris, Former Advisor to Bill Clinton

It is pretty clear to me that the US and the whole Western world is in big trouble with the US under an Obama Presidency.

The question is when will Bibi Netanyahu realize that the whole world is secretly waiting for him to decide to bomb Iran's nuclear capability and do it.

This is one of those actions where everyone in the world will condemn, but everybody will be secretly happy about it. Once again, the epitome of the hypocrisy that exists in world politics (like the UN Human Rights Commission being run by Libya, Cuba and other human rights abusers)

Will Bibi have the guts to do a Begin and pay the consequences for an action that Western world (and the Arab world) secretly want Israel to do? That is the question...

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