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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Avri Gilad of Arutz 2 is Unbelievable! Unbelievable!

Avri Gilad, on prime time TV (Arutz 2) just interviewed Aryeh Airbus, one of the soldiers who raised the sign at the Kotel ceremony that said "Soldiers from the Shimshon Company will not Evacuate Chomesh".

At the end of the interview Avri Gilad spoke directly to the television audience and said "I hope people think twice about using these dedicated and warm soldiers for such controversial acts".

Avri Gilad is the only Israeli media personality to go on record with such statements, which means he is the only Israel media personality who thinks for himself and has the guts to say what he thinks and he is not driven by the post-nationalist, anti-zionist party line.

Watching Avri Gilad tonight gives me hope that the Jewish people and the people of Israel will wake up from the coma that our current political, judicial and media leadership have placed upon us.

Other pearls of wisdom from the interview:

Upon asking Aryeh if his act of raising the sign was worth it, since it has placed the future of the Hesder Yeshivot in question Aryeh answered by saying the following:

"The army is to blame for using this incident to question the future of Hesder Yeshivot. Many soldiers who took part in raising the sign were non-relisious soldiers with no connection to Hesder Yeshivot. Yet the army does not talk about those soldiers, they had behind the door court sentences for them where they received punishments of 14 days."

Regardless if one agrees or disagrees with the act of these soldiers, this whole episode is blatant hypocrisy by Ehud Barak and the army establishment and political manipulation to go after the Hesder Yeshivot and the National Religious public. 

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