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Thursday, November 14, 2002

Chanukah Update

Chanukuh is just around the corner and we are now in Israel for almost 8 months!! It is unbelievable how time flys by so quickly.

Thank God we are all doing well. Rachel has already participated in 8 (I think) performances of Esther, with more on the way. She has been great with a lot of rave reviews. Check out this link to see pictures from the performances

As for Yakir, he is unbelievable. I was lucky enough to have lots of time lately to spend with him. THis past week I was home sick for two days, so I had a lot of play time with him (I wasn't contagious). And last month I was in miluyim. Although it sounds like a paradox to have lots of time with him while I was in miluyim, what I mean is that during miluyim (that lasted the whole month of October) I had two leaves home each for 3 days and during those days that I was home I had a lot of play time with Yakir. I cherish those moments greatly, because when I'm at work, I really only get to see him on Friday and Shabbat, unfortunately. Anyway, he is really doing wonderfully. This past Friday he was "The Abba shel Shabat" for the shabbat party in Gan. He came home with this big sticker on his shirt that said "Abba shel Shabbat", it was very cute.

As for miluyim, B"H my whole unit returned home safely. I have to admit that even though there were some scary moments, over all I'm glad that I was able to partake in miluyim again. First of all, I have the opportunity to reconnect with a lot of old Israeli friends of mine who I served in the army with. But more than that, I got to feel that I was doing my part for Israel in today's ludicruis situation........

Talking about ludicruis situations, we are now in election season in Israel!! All I have to say about that is 'Hakol biday Shamyim chutz m'yirat Shamayim'. In the end we will elect whomever we will elect and regardless of who it is (Likud too) the sham peace process will somehow continue. However, I firmly believe that with all the idiotic geopolitics and anti-semitism, we will somehow come out on top. In today's new world of global terrorism, I have a hard time believing any sham "peace agreement" will ever happen. But, that won't stop our Israei politicians and the good intentioned White House with pressure from the misdirected State Department from pushing for it in anycase.

All we need is to hold on to a little emunah, and one day, I don't know when, but one day, this matzav i nIsrael will be over, B"H.

But, with it all, there is no place like Israel. This Chanukah will be our first family Chanukah in Israel, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world to celebrate.

Chodesh Tov,


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