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Monday, November 25, 2002

My Thoughts on Today's Reality

The So-called Reality
First of all, I’m totally against a Palestinian state and it disturbs me greatly to hear that the leader of the Likud party, Arik Sharon, no less, is now talking about an eventual State for our terrorist supporting cousins. However, if a so-called terrorist State is inevitable, I much prefer the Likud to work towards that agreement than the Labor and Left, who have proven themselves to be way past delusional.

That’s what I have to say with regards to how “other” people interpret the “reality of the situation”.

The Truth About Reality
Now I want to awaken people to the true reality of today’s situation. The Arab world in general, and the Palestinians in particular have showed us, in no uncertain terms, that they want to rid Israel of the Jewish people and they want to get rid of Israel. That is the painful reality, and whoever denies this well proved fact, is himself/herself in denial.

The Conclusion
Therefore, any State given over to the Arabs as a prize for their terror is and will be a prelude to a continued and prolonged fight to destroy the State of Israel. Any “realist” who denies this is in deep, deep denial and I feel very bad for them.

Any signed papers of security agreements that try to ensure the security of the State of Israel from a State of terrorists, will be disregarded, as all other signed agreements we have made so far with the terrorists. (Another reality that “realists” tend to forget when promoting dialogue with/a State for the terrorists.)

This Part Hurts The Most
Now I will turn to the topic that hurts me the most about this whole issue. As a G-d fearing Jew, I try to limit my thoughts concerned with “the reality of a situation”. I have come to believe that any argument that the word “reality” is used, is a tool of the rationalists in this world to convince the rest of us that our beliefs are wrong. Before WWII, “reality” did not convince the world that a Holocaust was about to occur. During WWII, “reality” didn’t convince the world that a Holocaust was occurring. During and after WWII , “reality” didn’t convince the world to help Jews get to the land of Palestine. After WWII, “reality” didn’t convince the Jews that they the UN would declare the State of Israel. During the pogroms of Europe “reality” didn’t convince the Jews that one day they would have a State of their own. During the Golden Age of Spain “reality” didn’t convince the Jews that they were about to be force to convert or leave Spain. Etc. etc. etc……………..

There is A Greater Power Our There That We Are Supposed to Believe In

The argument of “reality” and rationalizing ones thoughts with rational reasoning regarding world events has been proved wrong again and again. And we the Jews know this the best. We know there is a greater power out there that guides the ways of the world, whether we like the results or not. We are SUPPOSED to believe that that greater power guides the ways of the world, regardless of what “the reality of the situation” is.

The Lesson

The personal lesson I learn from all this is that we, as G-d fearing Jews, are supposed to act according to our beliefs of what we believe is true and how we believe things should be and not according to the “reality of the situation”. Otherwise, we would not be Torah abiding Jews, making sure we abide by, sometimes, meticulous, Mitzvot that go against the rational explanation of human nature. Therefore, every G-d fearing Jew should be in total shock at today’s situation when he/she hears that a nationalistic leader of Israel might establish a State for terrorists.

The Clincher
According to our beliefs we are supposed to return to the Land of Israel and be

.לתקן עולם במלכות ש-די
This will only happen sooner rather than later, and I repeat, only happen (And I will explain why) if we do not help establish a State for Terrorists. Only by holding onto to the whole State of Israel will we be showing ourselves and the world that we stand up for our Jewish beliefs, which would be a gateway to establishing ourselves as an אור לגויים in every other capacity possible.

However, by giving into “reality”, the rationalists among us, the World and the Arabs into creating a State for terrorists on the Land of Israel, we will be showing the world and the Arabs that we lost our beliefs and we ourselves will be prolonging the conflict even longer until we will finally be able to be

.לתקן עולם במלכות ש-די

We Must Believe in God, Not in Reality
God works in strange ways and we must believe in G-d, not reality. That’s my motto, and I just wish other people would take upon that motto instead of the motto that says “rationalism” must be right because logic says so. Haven’t we lived long enough to know that that is just plain stupid?!!!

When will we G-d fearing Jews have the strength to stand by our beliefs and not let the rationalists of the world convince us otherwise? As we say in the Israli Army ….עד מתי??

Don’t Even try to Rebut

I already know the response I will receive to these thought – How can I say that we should ignore reality when the Rabbis themselves proved that we must take reality into account when they asked the Romans for Yavneh at the price of the destruction of Yerushalayim.

My answer to you is simple – there is no comparison. Israel today is in a very different position then it was then. And the geopolitical situation is very different. No comparison, so don’t even try.

The bottom line is not that we should ignore “reality”, rather that we should stand up for our beliefs, and not give up on them, while dealing with “reality”. There are plenty of forces out there in the world today who would stand by us if we stood up for ourselves based on our beliefs against a State for the terrorists. But why should they stand up for us when we ourselves sit back quietly and accept what the “rationalists” dictate to us? Why should they if we ourselves don’t?


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