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Thursday, May 29, 2003

A Response to a Road Map Related Issue

I always look foward to your responses, and this time you did not disappoint me. As with all of your responses, your words ring true, very true. And they hurt like hell, because you say it like it is.

You picked up on the one piece of information that I purposefully left out of my email and that is, even though G-d works in strange ways, filling in for our weakness as a people, the price we will continue to pay for our weakness is with our own lives.

I do not know if you heard but upon hearing that the approval of the road map was final, Minister Uzi Landau said something to the effect of "The Jews also led themselves to be slaughtered in the Holocaust", commenting that we, as a people, have throughout history had the power to willingly bring about our own destruction. It was true then and it is once again true now.

However, you raise the question why Israeli Jews or Efrat Jews aren't in the streets protesting. How can it be that we oursleves are allowing this to happen. Well, in my opinion there are a number of reasons for this.

1. Israelis have learnt that Israel is not goverend by a democracy, it is governed by an autocracy. A Prime Minister can do whatever the hell he wants, without even consent of his own fellow party parliramentarians!
2. Israelis have so many economic woes just trying to make ends meet, they have no time or luxury to protest, which in anycase makes little to no difference on the decision makers.
3. Israelis are tired. They just went through 10 years of illusions and tragedy and they just want it over. Even though many people think the road map is bad, they secretly hope that it will help.

But do not be decieved. Even though the above analysis describes the masses, there are a number of people who are working for a revolution. But, like any revolution, it takes time to develop the infrastructure for the revolution to succeed. Because a revolution is based upon public support and as long as the masses remain indifferent, the revolution won't go anywhere. But it will happen.

I'm both an eternal optomist and a realist. Though the current situation pains me to no end, to know that Jews will continue to be killed, with our own "consent" to another useless political plan to reward the terrorists. I know that sometime soon- definately not soon enough - this geopolitical game of rewarding terrorists will come to an end, and a political revolution in Israel will take shape.

Again, my perspective is that, even though we the Jews, aren't doing enough to bring about our own salvation from this geopolitical mess, G-d, in his strange ways, will bring it about through occurences that to our untrained eyes will look totally natural.

Until better days,

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