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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

The Road Map - What We Can Learn From it?

Well friends, it is official, the first Israeli government in history has officially accepted the political establishment of a Palestinian state. Not only that, but it is a right wing government to boot! Go figure.

Well, I'm not surprised and I'm not worried about our future either and I will tell you why.

THE lesson that I have learnt from this whole peace process is that G-d works in strange ways. That, in my eyes, says it all.

So what, ANOTHER Israeli government has just approved ANOTHER plan to AGAIN reward the Arab terrorists who terrorize us, in the name of some made up nation called the Palestinians.

That says it all. We have enough proof of the past 10 years to know that promoting plans that reward the Arab terrorism doesn't entice them to stop, it actually entices them to continue.

We had Oslo.....we had terrorism.
We had Camp David....we had terrorism.
We had Tenet, Mitchell, Zinni.....we had terrorism.
Why should we think that now it will be any different with the Road Map? Whoever thinks that it will be different is relying on the same false sense of hope that Oslo brought us. Well, wake up already - start using well based facts, history and your own logic, not false feelings of hope.

No, in my eyes, there never will be a Palestinian state, so we do not have to worry. Not because us Jews didn't try our best to give them one on a silver platter, but because the truth is that they don't want a Palestinian State. What they really want is to get rid of the Jews. Only with that subtle difference can we explain the perceived irrationalities of the Palestinians. Abba Eban is quoted as saying about the Palestinians that "they always take advantage of the opportunity to miss the opportunities given to them". Well, to our naive thinking yes, they are missing every opportunity possible to have their own state, but to them, they are not missing any opportunities, because they are not fighting for a state, they are fighting to get rid of us, and so far they are the ones who have continuously had full/partial backing from the world to continue their "struggle" against us, regardless of all the good faith deals we were/are willing to make with them.

So, what is my conclusion?
My conclusion is that the Arabs themselves will deny themselves the existence of their own 28th (I think) state in the Middle East because they can't stop themselves from killing us. Plain and simple.

That is G-d's strange way of working. Even though we the Jews don't have enough strength to stand up to the world and fight for our rights to live in our WHOLE homeland, which is g-d given even in the words of the Koran. It will end up happening because the Arabs just won't give up their fight until they lose it all.

So, the road map is just another rung on the ladder to prove to all of us that no matter what "political horizon" the Arabs have, they will never give up their real fight, which is not for another Arab state, but really a fight against the Jews.

Think I'm off my rocker? Well, don't believe me now, but 5,10,15 years down the line, come visit me for coffee in Jewish Beit Lechem, the urban suburb of Efrat, and tell me how right I was.


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