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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I personally am having a very hard time going on with my daily life
with all that our evil government is doing and planning with regards
to our fellow Jews in Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron.

What is going on around us - police brutality, injustices by the
justice system, demonization of ourselves, "settlers and rightists",
in the press - is having and will have much impact on how our lives
are going to be in another month or two and onwards.

Even sworn leftists, who are happy with the explusion plan, know that
the levels of corruption and deciept that Sharon has led this
government to will have deep reprocussions on Israel the day after
the expulsion plan is/isn't carried out. To all of our detriment.

I have no trust in the Israeli government, no trust in the Israeli
justice system and no trust in the Israeli press. And I'm not alone!

Yes I have a family to support, and I have a job to attend to, is not the time to sit at home and read the newspapers on
what is going on or watch it on the news. Now is the time to be
involved in making the news to influence our future and our
children's future.

I plan to go down to Gush Katif. That is where today we can stop the
plan. The larger the numbers of people the more chance we have to
stop the plan.

When I'm going and how, I do not know yet - still to be decided,
obviously as soon as possible. How I will get out of work - I have no
idea. But somethings in life have to done regardless of the personal
hardships it will cause.


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