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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thought provoking scenes from the Mass March from Netivot and Kfar Maimon:

The Headline - Am Yisrael is beginning to awake from its slumber and its beautiful!!!

- Tens of thousands marching in the streets, miles long. Old and young, with strollers and bikes. Carrying bags of clothes and food.

- Every 100 meters seeing soldiers standing on both sides of the street, just standing there.

- In pitch black darkness, while walking between Netivot and Kfar Maimon, seeing in the distance lots of white lights.

- As getting closer to the lights seeing silouttes of thousands of soldiers lined up next to each other into the fields (on the sides of the road)

- Seeing lines of soldiers all lined up, arm in arm, line after line standing there to block us marching onwards

- Standing there, tens of thousands of marchers, face to face with fellow Israeli soldiers not letting us continue to march

- The feeling of utter depression that as fellow Jews are being killed by rockets in Gaza and Sderot, with our army and government doing absolutely nothing to protect them, having an army of soldiers prevent us, fellow Jews, from marching!

- Playing cat and mouse trying to get passed the soldiers to continue marching to Kfar Maimon.

- Standing face to face to soldiers, fellow Jews, who wouldn't talk to you or even take the water you offered to them, knowing that they are thirsty, waiting for their officers to bring them water

- A feeling of excitement when seeing hunders of marchers break through the soldiers and start running through the watermelon fields onwards to Kfar Maimon!!

- Breaking through the soldiers and getting run after by a Border Police Officer who threw me to the ground into a pit.

- Having the officer yell at me to get up and move away or else he would break my head open

- Asking the officer to help me get up

- Having the officer tell me 'Achi, you are my brother, I don't want to hurt you (which is illegal!) but if you don't move I will break your head open - (at the same time as hearing him call me "his brother", he has no problem breaking my head open for wanting to walk past him!)

- Sleeping in a sleeping bag in a 150 Dunam field outside of Kfar Maimon together with tens of thousands of fellow Jews, young and old.

- Being woken up in the morning at 5:45 to calls of "everyone wake up now, we are being surrounded by soldiers to evacuate us!"

- Standing up out of my sleeping bag and seeing thousands of soldiers surrounding the tent encampment

- Davening in a minyan and then being told to march quickly into Kfar Maimon before the soldiers evacuate come to evacuate us

- Running through lines of soldiers standing around surrounding the tent encampment (not yet stopping people from getting by them) in my tallis and tefillin

- Looking behind me and seeing the soldiers hook arm in arm to stop the thousands in the encampment from getting out and walking into Kfar Maimon

- Finding a shady place to sit down and wait for instructions in Kfar Maimon

- Settling down with my stuff outside a house in Kfar Maimon and asking to use a bathroom of the house owners.

- Officers pacing barbed wire in all the holes in the fences around Kfar Maimon

- Sleeping at nights with helicopters and mazlating (pilotless airplanes) flying overhead all night long

- All roads leading to Kfar Maimon blocked by army and police not allowing people to come

- Thousands of people get to Kfar Maimon by driving through the fields or walking from place where stopped by army/police

- Even roads through fields were blocked by army/police
- Seeing encampments of soldiers surrounding the whole of Kfar Maimon - looked like a scene of a warzone)

- Walking around the fence singing "ohavim et tzahal" and "chayal, shoter, ohavim otcha"

- Soldiers not allowed to speak or smile at us protestors locked up in Kfar Maimon

- Seeing people all day long talking serious talks with soldiers/policemen

- Seeing tens of thousands of people living for 3 days in a village of 180 families!

- Torah classes and children's activities taking place all day long for the thousands of people locked up in Kfar Maimon

- Seeing soldiers and citizens talking to each other through the fence (even though soldiers under orders not to talk to us). Many times it was friends, relatives and even brothers!

- Marching, 50,000 people strong to the gates of Kfar Maimon to continue march to Gush Katif

- 50,000 people being stopped in their tracks and sitting in place for an hour because 20,000 policemen and soldiers standing on other side of gate not letting us through

As Adir Zik used to say "Am Yisrael will prevail"

Am Yisrael is waking up and Am Yisreal will prevail. The powers of justice and faith will prevail over the powers of power, corruption and injustice!


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