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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hello, Anybody Home???

- Nobody saying a word that a Prime Minister with the lowest public approval rating, under tons of corruption investigations and the main culprit in a failed war is now selling the country away to people who want to destory us - where is the public outrage?

- Nobody saying a word that the Muslims are destroying more of the Temple Mount - where is the public outrage?

- Nobody saying a word that Qassam rockets fall daily on the Israeli city of Sderot - where is the public outrage?

- Today the Israeli governent nixed an army plan to enter Gaza to take care of the rockets because it is not the right timing!!!! For 7 years there hasn't been the right timing???

Wake up people, our leaders don't care about our security, our land, our freedom, they care about other things that have nothing to do with us.

What country in the world would allow 7 years of continous rocket fire on its territory???

I couldn't have said it better than Michael Fruend in his Jpost column - Stumbling Towards Catastrophe

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