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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Long Live the Paul Potts' of the world!!!

What Paul Potts means to me

Belief. Confidence. Pride - that's what Paul Potts symbolizes to me. That's what should symbolize every Jew, and the Jewish people. As we say in Israel, halevie (or in English - may it be so)...

Who would have thought an opera singer would make such a big hit on pop culture? All it takes is someone who believes in himself to make a difference, even if what he "represents" is different from the mainstream. In addition to the belief, it takes the guts to go out and take action to uphold those beliefs.

Where are our "Paul Potts" ready to stand up to our own leaders (political, organizatinal and Rabbinic) who do almost nothing to defend the rights of Jews to live in the land of Israel, who do almost nothing to challenge the idiocy of fellow Israeli and Jewish leaders who support the selling out of Israel not even for a bowl of red lentils!

Once upon a time we were proud Jews who would even go into enemy territory in the darkness of the night and fly hundreds of miles (Entebbe) in order to save fellow Jews in trouble. Woo to us today where Jewish leaders do almost nothing while Jewish soldiers are captives of our enemies only miles away from their homes and fellow Jews live under rocket fire daily. Woo to a people who do not shun their leaders for their failure to lead and defend the Jewish people.

For one brief moment, enjoy the guts of one man to stand up to pop culture with the opera that he believes in - May this new year bring about many Paul Pott's in the Jewish community. True leadership is based on actions not titles. May the people this year lead and the so-called leaders follow the true leaders.

In the meantime, enjoy the opera...

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