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Sunday, October 26, 2008

JPost: US to Open Interest Office in Iran

Obama isn't even elected yet and the US administration is already planning on giving legitimacy to the core sponsor of world terrorists out to destroy the West, including Israel - Iran. Remember, the Jewish people and Israel have always been the 'canary in the mine' - Iran first is targeting Israel, since we are the easy target that the world will give up like Chzekoslovakia, but then the whole Western World will be threatened with Iranian nuclear weapons.

I guess you can say that is a little sign of the new era we are entering where freedom loving people around the world will be on the defensive against global-jihad terrorists. Iran and their global terrorists have the upper hand because the US has joined Europe in "giving in" to them. Will Israel have the leadership necessary to stand up for itself and help the West regain it's composure to save itself from the jihad Islamists?

Let's hope, pray and take over the leadership ourselves!

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