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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arutz7 - Media, Politicians Join Attack on Kiriyat Arba Residents

Again the media and politicians miss the real story, intentionally!

A Jewish home was destroyed by the Israeli army - in the middle of the night(1:30AM!) - without any warning what-so-ever to the family. Even worse, it is reported that the mother and her children were even beaten by the evacuating police force. And all the news in the mainstream media and the politicians is about some bystander who screamed and yelled nasty things at the police officers for what they were doing.

That IS NOT THE STORY. But it becomes the story because that's the part the media and policiticans want the public to focus on.

First the attack by the media and the politicians on the Jews of Ako instead of focusing on the horrible pogrom that took place there at the hands of their Arab neighbors and now this?

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