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Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Importance of an Israeli Victory Against Hamas for the West

When will people begin to realize that Israel is the frontline of Western civilization fighting against Islamic Jihad that wants to take over the world?

The Jewish people (and now Israel) have always been the canary in the mine. First go after the Jews, because the world lets, and then go after others too. Well, in today's state, the Islamists are going after Israel and the Jews, but they are really after the whole world. If the world allows the Islamists to come out with a victory or PERCEIVED victory over Israel, then the whole Western world better watch out, because they are coming after you next

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J said...

Almost every blog I comment on re the current acts of terrorism by Hamas I state that Israel is fighting our war.

One day the western nations will realise that Israel has been fighting their war, but by this time I fear the war will be across western Europe and it will be too late for us (Europeans).

I will never waver in my support for Israel.