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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"The People of Israel Have the Strength to Confront", but Does Bibi?

@netanyahu just tweeted "The People of Israel Have the Strength to Confront"

It's great that Bibi believes the people of Isreal have the strength to confront. Our problem isn't the people! Our problem is our leadership! 

The question is will Netanyahu have the courage to do what is necessary to lead the people or instead will he try to please the media and the Supreme Court and leave the people dissapointed, like he did in 1996?

Will he place Dan Meridor or Benny Begin as Justice Minister? Two proponents of making NO changes to the Supreme Court system that is a "friend brings friend" system? or will he appoint someone to continue the work that Minister Freidman has begun to change the elitist Supreme Court system that only represents the elitist left of Isreal?

Will he place Ehud Barak as Defense Minister who is responsible for the practical and strategic failure of running out of Lebanon as well as responsible for the kidnapped soldiers at Sultan Yakoub, the Tzealim disaster and other failures, just to please the media and the elitist left? or will he have the guts to place Bugi Yaalon?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a Likud member, who believes in the people of Israel, the members of the Likud and the Likud voters but I have big doubts regarding the Likud leader.

In 1996 we voted in Bibi with the hopes that he would put a full stop to the Disasterous Oslo process that he as well described as a disaster. Instead he got into office and continued Oslo and shook hands with Arafat, the arch terrorist.

So which Bibi will we get if the Likud wins the elections? 
- The Bibi who will want to please the media and the Supreme Court? 
- The Bibi who will talk about peace with security when it is clear to all that there is nobody to make peace with? 
- The Bibi who will empahsize that the Hamas are the ones who we can't talk to because they are the arm of Iran, but Fatah and Abu Mazen are true partners for peace, even though they also want to destroy Israel and take part in terrorism against Israelis?

- The Bibi that will tell the world that the 2 state solution is impossible, because, after 15 years of Oslo and the arabs investing all the billions of $ the world has thrown at them to develop militarily (against the Oslo accords) yet have not spent the money to develop industry, jobs, proper hospitals etc for their people! that it is very clear that they are more interested in destroying Isreal than establishing their own State!
- The Bibi who will tell the world that Fatah has the same goals as the Hamas but just puts on a different "face" to implement their "planned phase" solution of destroying the State of Israel. (The Fatah was established in 1964! 3 years before the 1967 war when Isreal returned to the biblical lands of Judea and Samaria that the world calls "occupation". Ask people who Judea, Samaria and Gaza belonged to before 1967 and they don't even though that it was never sovereign to any state, especially not the fictitious "palestine" that was a British mandate yet not a country)
- The Bibi who will tell the world that the UN must abolish UNRWA (that fosters terrorist development) and begin to have UNHCR deal with the refugees in Judea, Samaria and Gaza so that the world is an active partner in resettling these people?
- The Bibi that will lead Israel in dealing with the Iran issue instaed of trusting the world to deal with it (which it hasn't!)?
- The Bibi that believes in a Jewish State which deserves a Supreme Court that reflects the Jewish character of the State and its right to exist? or the Bibi that will allow the status quo, "friend bring friend", extreme left Supreme Court remain as is?
- The Bibi that will explain to the world that the way to beat terrorism and our enemies is to take away their hope to destroy us and not feed their hope?
Which Bibi will be get if the Likud wins?

Israel needs a strong leader with courage to say and IMPLEMENT a policy based on what is good for Israel and the world, not one who will give in to the elitist left and the weekly polls. Which Bibi will we get?

The Gaza war is finally making many people of Israel realize that giving away our land to people who want to kill us (aka The Oslo Process) is a disaster and that a 2 state solution is suicide for Israel. Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people and Judea and Samaria is the heartland of the Jewish homeland. No country in its right mind would willfullygive away its homeland, especially not to people who are committed to destroying it. Giving away parts of our homeland to terrorists (whether they call themselves Fatah, Hamas or any Arab group) will be laying the infrastructure for rockets to then be shot on Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and all of Israel, no matter how strong an army Israel has. 

Will Bibi have the guts to lead us to a new reality and use his wonderful PR skills to convince the world about our just cause and the Arabs true intention of using the peace process to destory Isreal or will he continue the Oslo path, just with his more security minded perspective?

I hope and pray that we will get the Bibi who will have as much courage as the people, but I'm very much fearful that we will get a reincarnated 1996 Bibi who talked the talk before the elections, but then left his supporters very very disappointed leading a leftist policy.
Will we again vote right but get left?

If Bibi or anyone in his campaign wants to reply to this post, it would be my pleasure to post it to my blog and give it the attention it deserves. As I said, I'm a Likud member and I believe it is the party that best represents the people of Isreal as a whole and not just a sector of the people, but I want to feel confident that Bibi also represents us when in power and not just in the opposition.



Chas Newkey-Burden said...

This is a very interesting post. From my perspective (an Israel supporter in the UK)Bibi is in many ways a hero. When he appears on British television he speaks eloquently and powerfully. I've seen him make mincemeat of biased BBC broadcasters and cheered him all the way. I too fear, though, that if he becomes PM, he will not walk the walk in the same way he talks the talk in opposition. Furthermore, if he became PM Israel would lose the benefits of Bibi the roving ambassador. That said, at present, I still hope he becomes PM.

Ron Russell said...

Its looks to me from this distance, that Bibi may be your next PM how do you see it. I, too favor the Likud party, although I'm not really informed, but in my own feeble way I try to keep up with events in the world--certainly in Israel, as I have been a supporter since my youth. Suppose some early movies such as Exodus, and Lisa (a lesser know film, but one worth watching), helped me form my early opinions. Yes, politicans do say one thing on the campaign trail and ofter do something different, so we can only hope he is a man of his word.