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Monday, March 23, 2009


With a majority of the Western world appeasing terrorism (partly because of economic reasons and OIL!), it was refreshing to see the following commercial produced by the global car-maker - Honda.


Besides the fact that Honda makes great cars (yes, I'm the proud owner of one myself and very very satisfied), people should go out and buy their cars for being one of the few to say this message loud and clear. 

In other words THANK YOU HONDA for saying this message loud and clear.

While the US and the Western world now cajole the Hamas to give lip service to coming to terms with the existence of the State of Israel, while at the same time the world powers and the world media ignore the fact that the PLO/PA never recognized the existence of the State of Isreal ,
(which all adds up to the fact that the western world play nicey, nicey with terrorists) it is nice to know that at least a car company comes out and calls a spade a spade with regards to oil. It doesn't make up for the idiocy and hypocrisy of the western world and world media towards Israel, but it's at least something.

Supporting oil is supporting terrorism. Supporting terrorism because they "only" want to kill the Jews in Israel is leading about to the destruction of the West itself. Islam is not only out to destroy Israel, but the whole western world. They won't ever understand until it is to late, but at least Honda is willing to make some noise about how the oil industry is the fuel (sic) that feeds the terrorism machine.

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