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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It Doesn't Make A Difference, But it Should

The other day I posted the following Palestinian Media Watch video on twitter and facebook for people to see.

A Twitter friend of mine responded to me with the following "I can not believe how many Jews believe that we can make peace with the Arabs. Who do we talk to? 

The following is an answer to my friend that I felt deserved a blog post instead of 140 characters on Twitter. If anyone has a different opinion then the one I express below, please feel to share it with me and I'll share it with my Twitter friend as well.

My answer:
On the one hand this video is extremly significant, but on the other hand it is useless.

What do I mean?

Well, first of all it is significant because it is proof that the official leaders of the Arabs, currently living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, never have and never will recognize the State of Israel. (FYI - the man in the video, Dahlan, has always been one to the darlings of the US and the Israeli Left, a potential leader/partner to make "peace" with)

Therefore, it should be clear to all, that it is pure folly for Israel to hold peace talks, or continue a peace process to establish a "palestinian" state with a partner that never wants to recognize us and really only wants to destroy Israel and replace it with another Arab country (23rd, I think) in the Middle East.

In any normal country, this video like this about a peace processwould make huge news, huge! and create waves in the public as well as in diplomatic circles with great pressure to stop the charade of peace talks, because it would finally be clear to all that the peace talk is not about peace, but about tearing Israel up piece by piece.

But this is not so when it comes to Israel and the Jewish people. This is why this video is useless and why there really is no one to talk to. Because it's not important to talk to someone, but to talk to people who are open minded to listen, and this doesn't exist when it comes to the mass of the Israeli/Jewish public who want to continue the charade of peace talks or 2 states regardless of the facts that prove it's utter folly.

Why? Because people don't want to hear the truth, it's too depressing and it doesn't jive with the hopes and expectations that we Israelis/Jews want, so the video will fall largely on deaf ears within the population that can it most make an impact.

We Israelis/Jews have such a need to feel accepted by the nations of the world that facts don't bother us from doing what is necessary to help us gain "acceptence". If the world wants us to pursue a peace process, create a state for our enemies (that may eventually cause our own destruction) we will do so, even if we have to hide the facts of the reality from the Israeli public and the Jewish people worldwide. 

So nobody wants to hear that the peace process is a charade of the arab world to destroy Israel. Nobody wants to hear that Arafat went to Johanesburg, days after the Oslo agreement were signed, and gave a speech telling the public that he was just following Muhammed's lead of signing agreements with the enemy in order to weaken them to then destroy them later on when they are weak. And nobody is interested in hearing Dahlan say in the video that they have never recognized the State of Isreal. So the video really is useless.

It has been my feeling for a long time, that G-d works in strange ways, and when we don't want to listen to reality, he uses reality to bite us in the backend and finally wake us up. It's only with his radical wake up calls that we begin to wake up, but even then only in baby steps (hence the Qassam rockets for 8 years, the 2nd Lebanon war and the recent Gaza/Gush Katif war). Unfortunately the longer we hold on to our delusions the more radical wake up calls G-d will have to bring upon us in order to really wake up and change our minds about this "piece by piece" process.

I will continue posting these eye opening videos and posts as I find them, because they do help some people to wake up from the delusional peace process they once thought we were in, but for the masses, who can create the pressure for the changes necessary, I know they won't make an impact. That's just the way it is.

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