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Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Israeli democratic systems have never seemed so weak or corrupt (government, justice and press), yet the Israeli people have never exhibited such stregth or determination!

This is an extremely positive development for Israel.

More and more Israelis are waking up to the reality of a corrupt democratic process in Israel...
1. A Corrupt political decision making process and corrupt party practices
2. A Justice system that is driven by a political agenda and not a disseminator of justice
3. A press that is driven by a political agenda and not a guardian of democracy

There are too many examples for each to outline at this moment - the important thing is that more and more simple people in the Israeli street are coming to this realization.

What is important is that at the same time that the Israeli democratic systems are collapsing, the orange revolution is growing day by day – showing the strength of the Israeli people to put a stop to the hypocrisy and corruption of the Israeli democracy.

The collapse of the democratic facade of the Israeli democratic system taking place at the same time as a public strengthens its determination to fight the system - is a wonderful sign of positive things to come. The corruption can only continue as long as the democratic façade is strong enough to have public support. As the façade disapates and the public opinion changes to view the democratic façade as just that, the end of the corruption is in sight.

The orange struggle for Gush Katif is not about Gush Katif.

It is not even about the Land of Israel.

It is about the struggle to have the people of Israel lead the State of Israel as a true Democratic Jewish state, in the best interests for Am Yisrael, as opposed to the continued corrupt leadership of the Israeli elite who pretend to be democratic, but really are far from it.

Not everyone wearing an orage wristband or flying an orange ribbon on their car are conscious of the true purpose of the struggle, but that does not make a difference. Their determination to make am "orange" stand against the "Israeli democratic system" (sic) actually means a struggle against the corrupt system. The success of the "orange" struggle will in the end bring about the final break-up of the corrupt system. The open question remains - when the corrupt system falls what will take its place? Another corrupt system with different names or a true Jewish leadership who will take Israel in the correct direction?

The more determined will win this struggle. That is why the orange struggle will succeed! We are the more determined!!

With faith and determination we will win this struggle over the soul of the Israeli democratic system.


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