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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Who is really fighting for Israeli Democracy?

People are being stopped from entering places in Israel because of the color orange!

Indian politicians were stopped from entering the Knesset because they had orange scarves in their bags that they had planned to give as gifts to Israeli politicians! What a diplomatic gauffe that caused!

As the Indian politicians said to the reporters who interviewed them after thh incident(paraphrased): A contry no longer is democratic when it starts stopping people because of a color!

So the question begs to be asked....Who is fighting for democracy in Israel?

The system stopping the orange people?
or the people standing up to the system with the color orange?

The answer has never been clearer!

May the orange struggle for democracy in Israel continue until it succeeds!

As Adir Zik used to say: "Am Yisrael will prevail"

or as I say "Power to the People"!

Us orange people will make a democracy out of Israel in the end and the day will come when Israelis, Jews and citizens of the world will look back and thank us for the struggle that we put up in coloring Israel with the orange spirit.


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