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Friday, June 17, 2005

It Sooo Won't Happen

Well everybody,

It is now becoming clearer and clearer that Sharon's anti-democratic, anti-Jewish plan to expel fellow Jews from their homes will not take place at all.

1. It has now become public knowledge in Israel that Sharon's only reason for coming up with the expulsion plan was to weasle out of becoming indicted by the Israeli court system. And the horrible thing is that it worked!! (What does that say about Israel's justice system!!!)

Sharon is corrupt, his fateful decision making for Israel has been all about saving himself and not about the Jewish people or Israel. How sad!
(But that is why we are here - to change it all and improve it)

To see last nights TV show where the Israeli (left wing) journalists exposed all of Sharon's dirty secrets click on the link below (it is in Hebrew).

As for the second wonderful reason why the plan won't take place:
2. Today it was announced that the whole Golani brigade has asked to be exempt from taking part in the explusion. Too many soldiers and officers would not have taken part so they asked to be given tasks in the "outside" circles that won't deal with the settlers in Gush Katif.

As a Golanchik myself - boy am I proud!!!

This is a whole brigade of hundreds of soldiers. It only shows how much Israeli soldiers and police officers are against taking part in the expulsion. On D-Day many wouldn't raise a hand, if they even showed up!

So, regardless of how it is stopped, the plan will never get off the ground.

Even with all my arguments with leftists, I have also spoken to many who also agree that the plan is bad and should be stopped because of the immense security dangers it will cause Israeli.

A majority of the Jewish people in Israel are against this plan and don't believe otherwise.

We are left to wonder what will what happen on the day after - after Sharon and his corrupt cronies fall, the day after the expulsion plan is shelved????

The political system in Israel will be in a state of shock, and almost leaderless. All of its potential leaders have performed leaderlessly (is that a word?) throughout Sharon's bulldozing of the Israeli democraci system in order to save his own skin.

Have I mentioned that the time is ripe for Manhigut Yehudit?

As Adir Zik used to say - Am Yisrael Will Prevail!!

Shabat Shalom

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