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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Coming to Gush Katif Clarification

I want to clarify the following message to everybody:

The key is not necessarily getting into Gush Katif or even making it to Kissufim.

Rather the key is packing up with the determination of not returning home until the plan is cancelled. Drive towards Kissufim and get as far as you can and then stop! With hundreds or thousands of others you then create a balagan wherever you are. That balagan is critical, regardless if it is 100 meters away from Kissufim or 4 kilometers away.

The critical mass, wherever you end up, causes a balagan that takes troops away from dealing with the expulsion.

I heard that thousands tried to drive to Kissufim last night, but they all were stopped and turned around. Don't turn around, set up camp where you are stopped and stay there. That creates a balagan. The police force you to move? Then create a balagan and the next place that you can.

Nobody wants to go alone "without" masses being with them - so make phone calls and get organized with friends and drive together as a small mass. THen hook up with other cars on their way as well.

I have also heard that groups leave every few hours from Ofakim and Netivot. Go join them, you won't be alone.

It is all about determination and mesirut nefesh. Just don't turn around to go come!!

It is not easy and not everybody can do it, but the struggle today is not just about Gush Katif, it is about our homes as well, and I do believe that if it was our homes in Gush Etzion that we were about to be expelled from, we would not be going to work today, tomorrow or the next day.

Something to think about.

The message is create the balagan as far as you get. Every balagan in a different place strains the army, which could create a chain effect of making it impossible to do what they have to do to expel us.

Whatever miracle people are waiting for depends on that chain effect, but if "little balagans" are not happening, then no chain effect will happen and no miracle that people are praying for.

Without your determination and mesirut nefesh, instead of Jews continuing to live in Gush Katif you will just read about our heroic last stand in Gush Katif as a part of the history books.

It all depends on us.

I don't know when next I will be near a computer, so until then...

Chazak Vematz and remember:


Avi from Netzer Hazani

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