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Sunday, August 07, 2005

My Struggle against the Jewish White Paper of 2005!

Gush Katif has been totally sealed off to all Jews ecept if they live in Gush Katif - and even they have horrible stories of how they are being treated by the authorities today.

IN my eyes, what is going on today is the Jewish White Paper of 2005.

As in teh days of the British White Paper where heroic Jews tried day and night to sneak into Israel illegaly, so too today thousands of Jews, day and night are trying to sneak into Gush Katif illegaly!

Friends and relatives think I'm crazy trying to sneak into Gush Katif, for a couple of reasons:
1. I have a life with responsabilities (job, wife and children)
2. Me being in Gush Katif won't change anything

First I will answer those claims and then I will tell you the highlights about my recent trials when trying to sneak into Gush Katif last week ( I didn't succeed yet!)

First of all, in my opinion, life is worthless i you do not live according to your values and beliefs. A job and responsabilities to family are only worth something to me if the life that I lead is one that I lead by example
- as an example for myself to not only preach values of Am Yisrael and Eretz YIsrael, but live them!
- as an example for my wife and children that the values that I preach I live by as well
- as an example to my co-workers, that the values they know I stand for, I actually practice and defend!

By me not leaving my job to join the active struggle against the expulsion plan, I would be showing to all of the above (including myslef) that living ideals is different than preaching them. That is not what Judasim is about and that is not what I'm about - so I have joined the active struggle. One day when my children and grandchildren ask "What did you do to stop the expulsion plan?" I can be proud when I answer them with a detailed description of what I did.

Today is no normal event. This is historic. I can't live my regular life (waking up in the morning, going to work, returning home, goind to sleep etc.) when ten thousands of Jews are about to be expeled from their homes. Forget about the fact that there is no good reason to expel them and that the government is corrupt, the justice system is political and unjust etc. Put those "little facts" on the side.

I can't go on with my daily life as ten thousand Jews are about to be expeled from their homes.

The question is not - why am I doing what I'm doing?
The question is - How can you go on with your daily life?

As for point number two - that my presence in Gush Katif won't change anything - I have this to say:
1. First and foremost the people in Gush Katif are going through a traumatic experience that should never befall any of us. The most important thing we could do for them is give them chizuk and let them know they are not alone. I can't tell you how happy the Gush Katif people are when they hear that people are trying to get through the siege and the roadblocks wanting to join them. It gives them so much chizuk. One of the most important things we can do on the "inside" is continue to give them chizuk and try to help them as much as possible, in every possible way.

2. Some of the highest ranking officers of the army have themselves admitted that if tens of thousands of people stand against them in Gush Katif when they come in to expel them - the army will not be able to perform its duty to expel and would have to return to the government to reconsider its decision. The army is designed to fight armies, with weapons and manpower, it is not designed to stand against tens of thousands of civilians to uproot them!

Today, the day Netanyahu resigned, it has been recorded that soldiers throughout Israel were applauding. Why? Because they think this is the beginning of the cancellation of the decree and they don't want to do it!!!

Thousands of soldiers don't want to follow their orders to expel fellow Jews!

Imaging if tens of thousands of Jews were in Gush Katif on the day when these soldiers came in to expel them? The would stand still and they wouldn't be able to expel.

My next posting will list my James Bond type story in trying to sneak into Gush Katif to fight the Jewish White Paper of 2005


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