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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Presonal Pea from Gush Katif - COME NOW!!!

You must understand. The people of Gush Katif are very strong. Don't believe what you hear/see in the media. There has been no violence and a majority of families in Gush Katif are still in there homes.

The people of Gusk Katif are encouraged and empowered by all the people who have joined them from the rest of the country and they are encouraged and empowered when they hear that more people are trying to come jointhem!

You must understand, here in Gush Katif we are doing everything we can, everything!!!

But we can't win this struggle alone - the rest depends on all of you.

The soldiers don't want to expel us! They don't!!

Everytime soldiers are brought to the settlements - people run out to talk to them - telling them about the immorality of the plan, the immorality of expeling fellow Jews from their homes, the immorality of giving a prize to those same terrorists who are our real enemies, and asking them what they would tell their children/grandchildren one day regarding their participation in this expulsion.

Do you know the result? The soldiers and officers cry! They cry together with the residents! They all cry like children!!!


A Letter was sent from 5 Magadim in the army to the Ramatcal saying that they fear half of the soldiers in the expulsion forces will either not participate at the last minute or help the settlers!

Help us help the soldiers!

- Come down to Kissufim
- Try to get in to Gush Katif
- Block the roads so that the buses of soldiers can't get through

Do know the secret on getting into Gush Katif?
Determination, Determination, Determination!!!

Drive with the expectation of not returning home! Pack with the expectation that you are not retunring home!! I promise you that you will end up entering Gush Katif! maybe not immeidately, maybe not after one day or two days, but you will enter. Being at Kissufim is also a big nuisance to the army.

Do anything, but don't stay at home, don't go to work!!

Everyday people here ask - "so are thousands coming to kissufim yet?" and the past two days the answer has been NO!!

Do you how demoralizing it for all of us here, who know we are doing all that we can to stop the immoral expulsoin plan, to know that our fellow citizens who are also needed down here are not coming??? That they are going on with their normal lives, just a little sadder???!!!

For all of us who are here, our consciences will be clear - we know we did all in our power to stop this immoral expulsion plan?

What about your conscience? What will you tell your children and grandchildren?

We know that everyone is doing something, but everyone must gain the confidence to do even more and come down here and not return home until this plan is canceled.

As we tell the press everyday - we know the army will end up doing what it has to do, our job here in Gush Katif is not to do everything to stop the plan from happening, we don't have the`power to do that.

Our job here in Gush Katif is to make it as hard as possible for them to do what they have to do and to delay their plans!! Every minute that we delay their plans is another minute for all the protests and balagans you are doing outside to create the dynamic to stop the plan.

BUT, if you are not protesting or creating a balagan outside, then our struggle in Gush Katif won't make a difference!!!

We believe that Am Yisrael still has the power to stop this plan, but you must come down here in the thousands to create the necessary balagan for us all to succeed!! You must join us!

By the way, in one on one conversations with top officers here in Gush Katif - they ALL admit that we will be back "occupying" Gaza in the near future. They are only following orders, even though they know the plan is extremely dangerous.

Avi from Netzer Hazani

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