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Monday, August 22, 2005

Our Government Has Created Jewish Refugees! Where Are Cries of Injustice???

I know of two yishuvim from Gush Katif who have no where to sleep tonight!!

Netzer Hazani

Netzer Hazani people have been kicked out of the youth hostel in Hispin because of reservations. Some families have moved into the Hispin Yeshiva dormintory, but two buses of them are on the way to Kissufim right now and then on the way to set up a tent city in Tel Aviv because they have no where to sleep tonight!!

Their leadership has tried negotiating with Maaleh Hachamish and with the Olive Tree Hotel in Yerushalayim, but they can't come to an agreement without the government,who would pay - but the government is not cooperating - so they are homeless tonight - and this is until Sep. 1st, because the government is only supposed to pay until Sept. 1st! The government didn't even pay for their stay in Hispin, that was complementary of the Youth Hostel!!!

Paet Sadeh

Paet Sadeh residents signed agreements with Minhelet Selah/government a year and a half ago on an agreement to get housing. Their houses are still not ready so they were put up in a hotel in Yam Hamelach. This morning they were kicked out of the Hotel because of reservations. They have no where to sleep tonight either!!

So what are you doing about the fact that our own government has created homeless refugees?

Are you still paying your taxes? Are you still going to your government paid jobs? Are you still going to miluim? Are you still carrying around your teudat zehut?

Where are the cries and acts of injustice that our OWN Jewish government has created homeless refugees?

Who has connections with the Joint Distribution Comittee to get them to act on behalf of our fellow Jewish refugees in Israel?

Please call me now!!!

"Expelled by Jews from Netzer Hazani"

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