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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Actions of a Leader?

After his victory in the Likud primary last night, Bibi Netanyahu did not let Moshe Feiglin and his supporters enter the building to attend his victory speech!

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Upon hearing that Moshe Feiglin and entourage were locked out of the building, the journalists all ran downstairs to the building entrance to interview Moshe Feiglin! They were then stopped by the Likud bodyguards who did not let them exit the building to interview Moshe Feiglin!

What kind of behavior is that?

So, instead of media savvy Bibi Netanyahu getting media coverage for his victory speech, Bibi had no media coverage of his victory speech because all the journalists were stuck in the lobby!!!

Are these the actions of a leader? Are these the actions of a leader in a democratic system? Are these the actions of a leader who wants to unify the Israeli people to defeat the left and save Israel from the diplomatic and security mess that Rabin, Peres, Barak, Sharon (and Bibi himself) placed us in?

With all my hopes of what Bibi can achieve to help our situation, unfortunately I have no trust that he can change the situation - especially after he suggested to bring Jordanian "Palestinian" legions into the West Bank!!!

When will Israeli leaders return to understanding that we can only trust ourselves in defending ourselves?...not trusting the UN, NATO or any Arab entity! We are the only ones who have the 100% desire to protect ourselves, not anyone else! - is that such an insane concept to understand? Isn't that why we have our own army? Or why any country has its own army? especially when it is surrounded by enemies who want to destroy it???

Returning to Bibi's actions last night - Whether one agrees or disagrees with Moshe Feiglin, this immature action of Bibi Netanyahu's shows weakness and fear and gives all the more reason for people not to vote for him or the Likud. In essence Bibi's actions will allow for Olmert or Barak to become the next Prime Minister of Israel, instead of a Likud candidate!

Bibi's actions hurt the chances of the Likud and of the national camp in general to lead the country. He did this same trick after the last primaries, trying to kick Moshe Feiglin out of the Likud before the elections and the Likud ended up with 12 seats when it should have been much larger. Bibi is making the same mistake again - another sign that he is not a good leader (one is supposed to learn from one's mistakes not repeat them).

I guess the Jewish people need a few more years of suffering before they wake up and realize that only Jewish leadership (that can unify the whole Jewish people around the values that connect us all) will help us out of the social, political, diplomatic and security mess that we are in today.

I pray that that time comes sooner than later. Until then, we all have to do our part in raising the awareness of those around us to this understanding.

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