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Monday, August 20, 2007

Will The Real Refusers Please Stand Up!

This Jpost article documents the "wonderful" idea of Matan Vilnai, a Labor politician, to make soldiers swear to uphold orders - so that they won't refuse orders.

First and foremost people must begin to realize that the real refusers today are refusing to preperly defend the state of Israel and the citizens of Israel. The true refusers today are the Israeli politicians and high army officers who are refusing to defend us. Instead of soldiers taking an oath, Israeli politicians and high army officers should take an oath to do everything possible to defend the state of Israel and the people of Israel like true leaders.

What country in the world allows the enemy to fire continous rockets on its population for 7 straight years? What country, besides Israel, has leaders who tell their people that there is no "military" solution to enemy fire?

Where is the public call demanding of Israeli political and army leaders to stop refusing their duty to defend us?

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