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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Likud Primaries - What will be tomorrow's headlines?

Today the likud members voted for their next leader.

My guess is that tomorrow's headlines will be the following:

1. If Moshe Feiglin gets less than 30% of the vote the headlines will focus on how Netanyahu succeeded in getting out 40% of the vote and Feiglin's strength in the Likud is therefore not strong and he must be ousted from the party anyway.

2. If Moshe Feglin gets more than 30% of the vote the headlines will focus on how the Likud has to oust Feiglin from the party.

Too bad neither the press nor Bibi focused on the issues behind the candidates, as is customary in primaries.

It is also too bad that neither the press nor Bibi will focus on the issue that is usually discussed after a primary, which is - how the #1 and #2 leaders of the party will figure out how to work together for the benefit of the party and future elections! Instead, the focus will be on the undemocratic talk of ousting the #2 of a party!

As Uri Dan used to say about Ariel Sharon 'Whoever doesn't want Ariel Sharon as Defense Minister will receive Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister'. He said that for years and he was right!

Well today one can say 'whoever doesn't want Moshe Feiglin as Head of the Likud will receive Moshe Feiglin as Prime Minister'. It is only a matter of time....until then may the journey of awakening continue.

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