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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Following my earlier post on which US president elect will be better at leading the US and the western world against the global jihadist war of civilization taking place, I noted that neither politician will be good but one will be better.

Well to all those who are pinning their high hopes on John McCain to be the one who will defend America, the Western world and Israel against the global jihadists, then the following links are food for thought regarding McCain's going on record that he would consider sending James Baker to micromanage the Middle East conflict

James Baker is very involved with the oil industry and works very closely with Saudi Arabian interests. This gives a very good indication of where his interests lie when dealing with the Middle East, hence not via a lense of doing what is best for the US and the western world but what is best for the oil industry.

Knowing that McCain even considers sending James Baker to micro-manage the Middle East issues is very troubling indeed and does not bode well for having the necessary leader to lead the US and the western world against the global jihadists (whose ideology is being spread around the world with the backing of Saudi Arabian Princes who James Baker works with to make all the oil profits)

McCains full comments on James Baker

Dear Mr. McCain, here's my dilemma

With it all, I think it is still clear that McCain is much more suited to lead the US and the Western world against the global jihadists as opposed to Obama. However, I believe that people should still be realistic and realize that he might be better but that doesn't mean he can do the job right either to really lead the US and the Western world to defeat the global jihadists in their war against the West. Thinking about possibly sending James Baker to handle the Middle East for a US government means that a McCain administration will very probably continue to be beholden to oil and continue to allow Saudi Arabia to spread it's ideology of global jihad in mosques worldwide, including in the US, as well as continue to buy up University chairs and fellowships, having their ideology continue to permeate US college campuses.

What will be necessary, as I noted earlier, is a strong and proud Israel that will standup for itself (even against the world's wishes), which is actually defending the whole Western world since the Middle East is the frontline of this global jihad battle. If the frontline falls, the lines in the rear will fall as well.

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