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Sunday, November 02, 2008

The US elections are upon us and there are many people who always talk about "which candidate is better for Israel".

I personally don't understand why people still say that phrase. It has become more and more obvious, with each passing year, that the threats that face Israel are the same threats that face the US and the Western world. Israel is just the "canary in the mine". After successfully attacking and weakening Israel then the global jihadists (led by Saudia Arabian money and Iranian terror-groups and money) go on to attack and weaken the US and the whole Western world. If the world would have supported "little satan" (Israel) in quashing the enemies that wish to destroy it then they wouldn't have continued on to destroy the "big satan" (the US) and the other Western countries.

Anyone voting in the US elections should be voting for the candidate that will be the better world leader to run the US to lead the western world in the war being waged against the whole western world, including Israel. Whoever is better to defend America is also the one better to defend England, France, Spain, Canada and Israel!

A big disservice is done when people say "the candidate that is better for Israel". Any candidate that is good for defending the US against the global jihad is good for Israel as well. The same thing for the US economy - whichever candidate is better for the US economy is better for Israel as well since so much of Israel's profit and non-profit "economies" are very closely tied to the US economy. So stop saying "better for Israel", it is the candidate that is better for the US.

Regarding the candidates themselves, even though I definitely think one candidate is better for leading the Western world in the war of civilizations that we are in today(the other candidate, in my opinion, is clearly a much more European oriented policymaker who will weaken the US tremendously), however I have no doubt that even the candidate I prefer won't be that good for Israel and here are my 2 reasons why:

1. Even if the next president continues the Bush Middle East policy then that is not good news for Israel because even with Bushes great speeches that we all applauded at when he took a strong stance against terror, his actual policies, especially during his second tenure were totally a continuation of the Clinton doctrine (except for Iraq). Colin Power and Condi Rice continued the State Dept. policy in pressuring Israel, even when Bushes speeches hinted otherwise, and I don't think the next President will be any better for Israel than that. One might say that Bush wasn't that bad for Israel because he didn't push his Secretary of State like Clinton did, he just gave her a free hand. One also might say that Bush was definitely much better than any Democratic candidate would have been. I totally agree with those statements, but he wasn't good for Israel, just better than the alternative. I don't expect anything more from the candidate who I believe to be the better candidate in this election as well - He won't be good for defending US, the Western world and Israel, but he will be much better then his opponent.

Just read this very telling article written by Caroline Glick that spells this out very clearly, as Caroline Glick always does.

2. With all of my high hopes for a US President who will stand up to defend the Western World (and support Israel in it's fighting the front-line of this war), a strong policy against global jihad will never be achieved until Israel is looked upon (for good or bad) as being the role model for it's strong stance in battling the front line of this global battle (not just in having the best technology in how to take out a lone terrorist while sitting on second floor of a building, but in doing everything possible to wipe out all the terrorists and the societal support structures that allow it to take over Aran society. Unfortunately, that is the extreme opposite of today's Israeli policy which is to set up a country for the Arab enemies that want to destroy Israel, right in our back yard where Iran will set up shop to move onto the next stage to destroy Israel.

When Israel stands strong, then the western world has the ability to stand strong as well. But when Israel gives in to terrorism and to the forces who want to rule a world of Islam and dhimmis, then the world doesn't have the role model to look up to in order to help it lead the battle to win. I'm not nieve either. Initially the whole western world will condemn Israel for it's policies in wiping out the terrorists and their supporting societal infrastructure, but due to their verbal and diplomatic assualts on Israel, the Western world will then be ripe for continued attacks on its own turf, and that is when they will learn from Israel's lead in how to battle the growing force of global jihad. It has less to do with actual fighting and more to do with bringing an end to the liberal minded policies in the Western world that allow the global jihadists to get away with their injustices.

Unfortunately, in order for all this to happen Israel needs a strong leadership that does not give in to our enemies, and that type of leadership doesn't exist at the moment so I can't expect anymore from a US leader when Israel doesn't even stand up for itself.

So, here's to another US election where we have high hopes for the best leader to lead the US and the whole Western world, but where, in my opinion, we will all be disappointed, because without a strong Israel to lead by example in battling the forces of jihad that want to destroy Israel and the West, no US President will be able to do the job. Vote wisely on Nov. 4th, but keep the following thoughts in mind as well. In the end the future of the Western world and Israel is up to us in Israel to lead the way. When will Israel change direction to do that? that is the question! and the answer is up to all of us. A strong proud Jewish leadership is necessary to lead Israel to make that happen? How many strong proud Jewish leaders do you know of today in the Israeli political scene who could place Israel as the role model for the Western world?

In the meantime, here is an initiative to educate the public about the threats to Israel and the Western world as well as educate people around the world about Israel - IMPACT ISRAEL.

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