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Sunday, November 02, 2008

I was recently asked on Facebook why I'm working on the Likud primaries and not working with/for the Mafdal-Haichud Haleumi party. The person who asked the question knows his stuff because he mentions that Benny Elon's 'Israel Initiative' plan is better than any plan the Likud party has ever offered.

In response to this very good question I posted the following response:

I agree. However Benny Elon's plan has never been adopted by the Ichud Haleumi-Mafdal party and with all the great parliamentary work that individual MKs from that party do for Am Yisrael, the Ichud Haleumi-Mafdal party is unfortunately not a realistic alternative to lead this country and it can't even decide how to "organize" to be a more attractive party that can represent true leadership for the nation and be an alternative to lead this country!

I would rather work to strengthen the strong and proud Jewish MKs(and non-Jewish - Ayoub Kara is one of the strongest supporters of a strong Jewish Israel more than many other Mks, including many other Likud MKs) that the Likud has a chance to offer since it is has the realistic option of leading this country. Knowing that not all of the possible future Likud MKs are up to my standards to develop and protect a strong and proud Israel, it is important that I work hard so that as many of the right MKS get into the next government.

What do you think?

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