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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Now the Likud can be put in check by all sides within the party, healthier for the country and the party.

JPost article about Bibi worried that Moshe Feiglin will top the Likud list.

Strengthening the Benny Begin's and Moshe Feiglin's in the Likud is best to give Bibi the backing, within the party, to stand up to the pressures that will definitely come.

Kadima can build it's whole strategy based on the scare tactic of the Likud being Benny Begin and Moshe Feiglin - a strategy that I think will boomerang since most people have realized that the path of Oslo and giving away Israel's heartland and homeland is not pragmatic but suicidal.

Pragmaticism in today's reality is thinking how do we live alongside a population that doesn't want us here at all. That necessitates a whole other way of thinking, contrary to the land for "peace" that the Labor, Kadima, and even Bibi, still talk about as the only approach (each with their own customizations - Bibi's "peace for security" approach still includes giving away Israeli land).

Oslo has failed us for 15 years, causing thousands of deaths, thousands of rockets, firepower, guns and enemy terrorists minutes away from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (that wouldn't be there had Oslo not been illegally put together by Yossi Belien and Shimon Peres and then ratified by the Knesset in bribery-sin.

I think Israelis are ready for the next approach please....

Scare us with the Likud of Benny Begin and Moshe Feiglin and let's see what the average Israeli does at the ballot box.

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