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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Changing Israels political system for the benefit of the people!

I firmly believe that the sectoral party system in Israel is wrong. Religious parties fight for their own agendas, secular parties fight for their own agendas etc. But no one fights for the agenda of Am Yisrael!

The time has come for this type of government system to come to an end. I want to be part of a party that looks out for the interest of Am Yisrael, with an understanding that Am Yisrael has various needs, wants and moral responsabilities (towards its own and towards the "others" that live within its boundaries).

For example, I don't want funding for a certain educational system dependant upon a certain party making threats. It actually means that the smaller secroral parties are always dependant upon the ruling party. The smaller party is alwasy a pawn for the ruling party to play with in order to achieve it's own agenda, which does not represent Am Yisrael. Otherwise it would not take threats to get funding for school systems!

That is why I joined Manhigut Yehudit and that is why I joined the Likud. The Likud party has religoius, charedi, secular and traditional Jews as members. I want Israel to be led by a party that has all these people together leading the country, with the outlook of what is best for Am Yisrael.

Manhigut Yehudit is in the process of molding the Likud party into one that gives more room for the "people" to rule the party and the country. The currect political culture of the ruling elite doing what they please, even within the Likud, will be coming to an end....with our influence.

Much work has to be done to get rid of the political corruption within the Israeli political system and from within the Likud, but the work is getting easier over time as the ruling elite of the Likud are feeling threated by our success in developing power within the party.

The following article below further explains the importance of leaving the sectoral political system in Israel and joining forces with the Jewishly oriented Jews of the Likud to get that party back on track to represent and lead Am Yisrael in the right direction.

Leadership of the Likud

By Moshe Feiglin
26 Kislev 5763 (Dec 1, 02)

The leader of the religious Mizrachi movement, David Pinkas, once asked David Ben Gurion: "Why don't you visit my splendid synagogue? I understand that you are not religious, but once a year -- why not?" Ben Gurion replied: "As a member of the Mapai party, I cannot allow myself to be identified with an institution of the Mizrachi."

In fact, from the very beginning, Ben Gurion drove the religious public into the party structure and the religious legislation with which we are so familiar today, in order to transform the synagogue into an institution of the Mizrachi, and G-d into a dues paying member of the religious party. A new immigrant arriving in Israel would receive from the Jewish Agency a bed and mattress, a kind of basic absorption package. If he was religious, he would also receive a prayer book. The inside cover was stamped: "The Jewish Agency -- the Department for Supply of Religious Needs." The Mapainiks took care to meet the needs of the natives. "Religion is the opium of the masses," Lenin said, and his spiritual descendants in Mapai (including Ariel Sharon, who started as a Mapainik) took care to meet all our needs – a bed, a mattress, religion -- even the opium is included.

The religious camp naturally fell into the trap – they entered the Indian reservation set up for them by the Mapai regime and even today their politicians boast of the wonderful achievements they have succeeded in obtaining for their Indians in the reservation: Yeshivot (schools for advanced Torah studies), religious girls' high schools, mikvahs (ritualariums) and more.

The truth is that in contrast to the Indians in the US, our "Indians" actually get on very well in their reservation. Their numbers are increasing, religious institutions are springing up like mushrooms after the rain -- it's simply marvelous. In fact, for those who have gotten used to the reservation, it's very good. The religious preachers look out of their cage at the miserable secular people wandering about on the outside. "How disgusting!" the preachers say to their happy congregants, "Look how miserable they are outside – families with one child and two dogs, nose-rings, drugs, etc.

From time to time the religious camp succeeds in bringing back to the fold a few of these miserable people still at liberty, and with cheers takes them into the reservation. These people themselves then become preachers, and bring back a few more returnees.

In fact, the number of religious people is on the rise. The secular people, who are not linked to the source of life, our Holy Torah, are decreasing in number. At one time, there were about ten religious Knesset Members, now there are more than thirty. Yet, while there are now far more religious people, religious Knesset Members and religious institutions, stores and malls are open on Shabbat as never before! Furthermore, all of the world's most filthy culture fills our streets far more than in the past, every gentile who wishes to be registered as a Jew can do so and a kosher restaurant is still hard to find in Tel Aviv.

All the great achievements (and they truly are great) remain within the reservation, and the country is going to the dogs. "Alright," say the cynics, "In the end only the religious will remain, the secular will disappear, and we will have a real Jewish State."

The truth of the matter is that without the secular Jews, the State of Israel would never have been established, and if all the secular Jews were to disappear overnight, and only the religious were to remain in the country, Israel would not continue to exist for even a moment! Some of the religious would become secular in order to run the country, and the others would quickly run into a new reservation.

An insufferable situation has arisen in which our Holy Torah has become totally irrelevant for the running of the new Jewish State. It is as if the Torah belonged to the institutions of the religious political parties. This terrible situation is entirely due to the religious camp! The religious camp is demonstrating day after day that the Torah is, G-d forbid, falsehood.

Manhigut Yehudit wants to bring about nothing less than a revolution. Not just another institution for the reservation, or another repenting Jew for the reservation, not even another religious general within the reservation. No more! We want to break down the walls of the reservation. We are not afraid. We don't need religious parties since we know that the Torah is the Truth. We really believe in it. So why should we be afraid? If you believe that you have the perfect tool, why should you be afraid to use it? Why are you afraid to propose that others use it? Perhaps it is because you don't really believe in it? What good is an ultra-sophisticated tank if you leave it parked?

The Jewish majority lies outside the reservation. The majority is liked to its Jewish identity and thirsts for a real message. The majority thirsts for leadership that will come to it, not in order to imprison it in a reservation, but to lead it to its great aims -- its true Jewish national aims. This majority is the Jewish camp -- the national camp. And the national camp is the Likud.

Yes, this is the same Likud with its ugly infighting. This is the same Likud that signed the Camp David agreements and destroyed the Yamit settlements. "Only Sharon can bring peace," and only the Likud can destroy the settlements! This is the Likud of the Tel Aviv open market and of the Jerusalem Beitar Soccer Team fans. This is the Jewish people. It is infected with all the afflictions of the Left, but this is the Jewish people, and only with it is it possible to go forward. To go forward in reality, not in the reservation.

So what are we looking for in the Likud? We want to find those Jews who want to remain Jews. The Left is led by a hard core that denies its Jewish identity. They want a new Middle East, without nations. They want to wipe out the Jewish People. As long as we remain in the reservation, no one will stop them.

The Jews who want to remain Jews are incapable of stopping the disintegration. But they are in the realm of responsibility and action. The Jews who have the secret code -- the Torah -- for stopping the disintegration stubbornly cling to the reservation.

Our #1 priority is to bring down the walls of the reservation and integrate the two.

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