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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Manhigut Yehudit Weekly Update

The success of the "weapons trial" operation of the National Home movement brought home to Sharon and the extreme Left pulling the strings behind him that with G-d's help the eviction plan will fail. The moment restrictions are placed on the movement of residents of Gush Katif and Northern Shomron, the moment it is attempted to block their entry and exit from their homes, the masses of the Israeli public will go out to the streets and physically prevent the perpetration of the crime.

This fact joins a long list of complications and internal contradictions that is constantly increasing in length. Sharon is not the kind of man who gives in easily, and the Left is not deterred by the prospect of bloodshed. The impasse reached by the eviction forces almost certainly invites acts of provocation and manipulation of the basest kind, compared to which the deeds of Avishai Raviv will seem like child's play.

The fact that the affair of the eccentric people whom the military branch of the Left (AKA the Jewish Department of the GSS) has for a long time failed to spur into irrational action on the Temple Mount, and was in the end forced to release without charges being brought against them, and the fact that this ridiculous affair made the headlines precisely on the evening before the blocking of the roads, proves to what degree the various branches of the regime are working together in the service of the Left.

We are standing, with G-d's help, on the brink of victory and we must continue to apply pressure by all legitimate means until the evil decree is cancelled. However, we are facing the extremist Left that is receiving total support from the media, the judicial system, the Jewish Department of the GSS, and seasoned politicians, and is receiving unlimited financial aid from anti-Semitic sources in Europe. (See Prof. Hanokuglo's excellent article .)

These forces, that represent a significant minority, will not give up their hegemony and control over the State of Israel. Someone at some stage will fire at a policeman, someone will claim that he was acting on behalf of some kind of Eyal organization, someone will reveal that he received the blessing of rabbis, and so on. We've already seen this movie, and the last time it was successful. We have to be aware of the danger, both in order to try and thwart such scenarios, and to understand the meaning of such events if, G-d forbid, they take place, and not allow the victory to slip through our fingers.

The Left and Sharon are deliberately pushing Israel into a civil war. Those who still don't understand this were given a horrifying reminder this week in the words of the secretary-general of Peace Now, Yariv Openheimer: "We're prepared for a civil war". (For the entire quote click here:

We shall defend Gush Katif and the State valiantly. We shall not permit the Left, that desires Jewish blood to be shed, to create provocative acts of mutual firing. We shall never bring weapons to the regions of the confrontation. Anyone who does so will be regarded as an agent provocateur and removed from the area.

See also the report in NRG: "The person who distributed the sticker Sharon, Lily is waiting for you is a Police employee."

Another trick of the Avishai Raviv type was the "Halachic ruling" of Rabbi Karadi (the Inspector-General of the Police), permitting non-Jewishsoldiers to be killed.

It seems that this sad (but essential) opening will become an integral part of the updates in the coming weeks. Readers are invited to send us examples of similar provocative acts.

For further details click here

In this week's update:

The Silver Platter
Jewish Policemen Won't Hit or Evict Jews
On the Time Axis
The Meeting in the Northern Tel Aviv Branch of the Likud
The Supreme Court Session Regarding Moral Turpitude
The Silver Platter
There is one significant difference between the "weapons trial" held this week and the road blocking operations carried out by Zo Artzeinu ten years ago. Zo Artzeinu did not have support from youth. Over the last ten years a new, wonderful generation has grown up in Yesha and amongst the belief-based public. These are young people, seeking the truth, who when growing up were exposed to the helplessness and wretchedness of G-dless Zionism that is currently engaged in self destruction.

These young people have many acquaintances who died as a result of the State's impotence, and they now realize that they are bearing a far greater truth than the official position of the State of Israel. They understand that the State is ill and that they are healthy. They recognize that they are the remedy, the chance, the trunk supporting the sick branches of the State.

Obviously, with such an awareness, arrest doesn't frighten them. These young people aren't afraid of the police because they feel a sense of moral superiority. As opposed to Zo Artzeinu, these young people have the strength and the desire to continue the struggle. They are the silver platter enabling the State of Israel to continue to exist. Because of them Israel will extricate itself from the terrible crisis into which it has been led by the criminal, sick leadership. Because of these young people Israel will be freed from the grip of the enlightened dictatorship and will become a State of real Jewish Liberty.

The Manhigut Yehudit movement salutes Ariel Weingruber and Shai Malka, leaders of the National Home movement, and all this successful generation that is currently bearing the burden of the struggle for our liberty. (Naturally we don't forget the older members, many of whom were arrested yesterday.) With G-d's help the eviction plan will be cancelled and the lives of thousands of Jews who have been condemned to death as a result of it (as happened following the Oslo agreement) will be saved. It's possible that the same irritable driver who cursed the people blocking the roads will have his life saved by their action.

Another innovation heralding great chances is the presence of the Haredi public. At many blocked junctions Jews wearing Haredi clothes joined the blockers. We congratulate them and give them our support. The link being established in recent years between the Haredi and the national-religious publics represents real partnership, and its development, as was seen on the roads, is far more significant than the simple increase in the number of blockers. The Jewish ethos as a factor unifying all parts of the public in Israel permits the Haredi public to participate in the shaping of the State's image, while bypassing the problem of identifying with secular Zionism, that it has always detested.

Jewish Policemen Won't Hit or Evict Jews
Alongside the usual exhibition of violence and strong-arm tactics by the Police we saw an encouraging event. At first we thought this was a chance occurrence, but it was repeated in many places throughout the country. Many policemen simply didn't feel like clearing the road junction. More and more demonstrators began sensing that the Police were with us. They didn't refuse to obey orders, they didn't go over to the other side, and in fact no-one asked them to do so. However, it was clear that many of them were actually pleased with what was happening.

It seems that not only the IDF but also the Israeli police are in the final analysis based on our sons. The "weapons trial" operation examined not only the readiness of our sons to struggle, but also their readiness to cooperate with the eviction idea. The pleasant surprise we experienced yesterday at such an early stage indicates what, with G-d's help, will happen if, G-d forbid, a criminal order is given to evict Jews from their homes.

It is strongly recommended to listen to the following interview with an anonymous activist who describes the behavior of the Police. Click here:

On the Time Axis
The current struggle, despite its great importance, is just another "event" on the time axis. We are witnessing the changing of the guard. The old guard doesn't wish to give up its domination and is opposing the first signs of the change. The new guard is hesitating to assume responsibility, to come forward and lead the nation towards its historical objectives. Precisely because of the current events it is right to re-examine the basic assumptions of Manhigut Yehudit. What did we think? From what basic assumptions did we set out? Did we correctly predict the developing reality? A positive answer to all these questions gives grounds for assuming that we are on the right path.

Motti Karpel's new book, On the Time Axis, is a fascinating document that presents the leading articles of Lechatchila since its foundation. In order to understand what is happening now, as part of an overall pattern, you must read this book.

Call 09-7929046 now. You can also order other books from the Manhigut Yehudit library.

The Meeting in the Northern Tel Aviv Branch of the Likud
Last Tuesday Moshe Feiglin and heads of Manhigut Yehudit met with members of the Likud branch in Northern Tel Aviv. The meeting was one of a series of lectures and meetings aimed at getting to know branch members and presenting our positions in a direct, real manner. About 30 branch members attended the meeting and listened attentively to the various ideas presented by the Manhigut Yehuditcandidate for leadership of the party, Moshe Feiglin. The numerous questions addressed to Moshe and to Michael Fuah on various subjects exposed the tremendous leadership crisis existing in the party, and the desire to hear clear views about political and social issues.

The next meeting will be held in the Likud Kerem branch in Tel Aviv, on Tuesday, Iyar 15 (24.5.05).

The Supreme Court Session Regarding Moral Turpitude
This coming Sunday, at 08:00, Aharon Barak and a large number of Supreme Court judges will discuss the subject of Moshe Feiglin's "moral turpitude".

As will be recalled, before the last electionsMoshe was awarded the 38th place in the Likud list for the Knesset. MK Naomi Hazan from Meretz submitted a petition to the chairman of the Central Elections Committee, Judge Heshin, claiming that Feiglin (who had blocked roads at the time of Oslo and had been found guilty of rebellion) had committed an offence involving moral turpitude, and could not therefore be a candidate for the Knesset.

Heshin asked Feiglin why he had not declared, in accordance with the law, the offence that he had committed. Feiglin explained that he had not conceived that there could be any connection between the law of moral turpitude (created for tax offences command by Shmuel Plato Sharon) and the offence of public protest for which he had served a sentence. In response Heshin informed Feiglin in writing that he would extend the time available for submitting the official announcement regarding committing an offence in the past, and would subsequently address the issue of whether moral turpitude was involved.

Within the specified period Feiglin submitted the declaration, and (as expected) Heshin ruled that moral turpitude was in fact involved and therefore disqualified Feiglin's candidacy for the Knesset.

Feiglin submitted a petition to the Supreme Court, which with a composition of 11 judges decided not to rule in the matter. (It is somewhat problematic to prevent a person who blocked roads and served his sentence from being a candidate for the Knesset, while still pretending to be a democratic institution.) So how could Feiglin be kept out of the Knesset? The Supreme Court decided to ignore Heshin's decision to give Feiglin more time to submit the request and disqualified Feiglin on the technical grounds that "he did not submit the request in time".

Six judges did however decide to address the issue of moral turpitude. Three of them said that it existed, and three that it did not. One of the righteous people was Judge Tirkel, who subsequently replaced Heshin as chairman of the Elections Committee.

A year ago, when it seemed that elections were in the offing, Feiglin applied to Tirkel and asked him to determine now that there was no moral turpitude, so that he could be a candidate for the leadership of the Likud and for the Knesset. In response, Tirkel requested the views of Attorney-General Mazuz. The latter, as expected, stated that Feiglin's request should be rejected, for two reasons: a) There was no point in discussing the issue because the moral turpitude would expire anyway in July 2005 and the elections would come later. b) There was "heavy" moral turpitude in Feiglin's actions. Tirkel did not accept Mazuz's arguments and ruled that there was no moral turpitude in the offence committed by Feiglin. However, Mazuz then conveniently forgot his first argument and submitted a petition to the Supreme Court against Tirkel and Feiglin.

The Supreme Court requested Feiglin's response to Mazuz's petition. Feiglin replied with a brief document stating, in effect, that "you are all corrupt!". (To view Feiglin's reply click here:

The session will be held on Sunday in hall C, at 08:00. It will be interesting (but of no practical meaning, since the period of the moral turpitude expires anyway in another month).

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