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Monday, May 09, 2005

A Message to the Residents of Gush Katif
by: Moshe Feiglin
My brothers, the heroes of Gush Katif, it is now clear to the destroyers that if you don't evict yourselves they will simply be unable to do so. In despair they are trying to tempt you to agree to go quietly, and in return they will build you a "new Gush Katif" in Nitzanim.
This means that earlier, when they said that those who would sign first would receive more, they were lying. Do you really think that now they're telling the truth?
Heroes of the Gush, listen to what I say:
This is a most trying situation. In every trial that one faces, the hardest stage is at the end. It is terribly hard for you, but for the destroyers it is even harder. I am near to them, I see them, I smell them, and I know that they are hysterical.
I know Tzippi Livni.
I know how all these people think.
They are panicking.
They'll promise you anything now.
You must realize that the turnaround is gaining momentum. More and more soldiers are refusing to obey orders. More and more demonstrators are going to jail. These are only the first signs of the coming of the great Israeli spring of freedom.
But everything depends on you.
If you evict yourselves, nothing will be of avail.
It won't help if we block the roads.
It won’t help if we get arrested.
It won’t help if we refuse to obey orders.
It won’t help if we come to Gush Katif.
And it won’t help if we organize mass civil disobedience.
It will only result in an improved version of Yamit, but no more.
The destroyers know this, and therefore all their efforts are now being focused on you, so that you evict yourselves.
Please hold on.
You are the boy stopping the hole in the dyke with his finger.
Gush Katif and Northern Shomron are only the beginning. Do you really believe that the person who doesn't keep his word, the liar who declared publicly that he would accept the results of the Likud members' referendum, will keep his promises to you?
The moment you leave there will be a new spin. Eyal Arad will concoct something. The front will shift to Beit El and Ofra, to the Golan and Jerusalem, and no one will remember you. You will be last year's snow. The Finance Minister will explain that there is no money now, perhaps in the future… in the meantime just wait… Don't bother to unpack your suitcases.
Perhaps Sharon will explain again that it was a mistake to promise anything. Perhaps Netanyahu or Olmert will replace him and explain that the promises cannot be implemented just yet.
You will receive what they promised you, just as the Southern Lebanese Army did, and just as the families of the Arab collaborators did, and just as Pollard did, and just as anyone who was tempted to do business with a person lacking G-d did.
Those who are unfaithful to the Land of Israel and the G-d of Israel are also unfaithful to the Jewish People. In fact, they cannot be relied on for anything.
My brothers, the heroes of Gush Katif, you must realize that the option of giving up everything you've believed in, in return for a promise of a material future, simply doesn't exist. If you persevere you will retain your honor and proud spirit, together with your homes and property. And even if, G-d forbid, they succeed in robbing you of your homes and property, they cannot rob your of your honor and spirit.
If you believe in Sharon and follow him, you will lose it all – your homes and your honor.
I am not in your situation, and I cannot judge you. But regardless of your decision I shall always admire you for your stand up to now.
However, perhaps from the place where I am now I can see some things better than you.
I only want to tell you that you are winning.
The destroyers are beginning to crumble.
I only want to tell you that now the fate of the country depends on you.
The lives of millions of Jews in the Land of Israel simply depend on you.
I only want to tell you that after you have withstood over 5000 mortar bombs fired at you, it is inconceivable that you should give in because of a promise made by Tzippi Livni.
You are the silver platter on which the State is given to the Jewish People.
I am certain that if only you continue to hold out, with G-d's help you will win.
You will save all of us.
And yourselves, and your honor.
And you and your children and grandchildren will flourish and prosper until the end of time, in your land, in Gush Katif and Northern Shomron.
With love and admiration,
Moshe Feiglin

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