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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Road Blocking Demostrations in Israel - A Process of Returning the Power to the People!!

There are those who claim that the road blocking demostrations, where citizens block the traffic on key intersections in Israel, hurt the cause of resitence to Sharon's plan to expel the Jews from Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron. Not only that, some even say that it is a chilul Hashem (desecrating G-d's name)!

I beg to differ, I believe it is a huge kiddush hashem and symbolic of the
transition that we are seeing unfold before our eyes in Israel - where
Israeli citizens are finally acting in a way to bring about "power to
the people" in the running of this country. No longer are Israeli
citizens trusting of their elected leaders, and willing to sit back and
act nicey nicey when our votes/elections are disgraced by elected
officials disdain - since their words to us constituents mean nothing
in their actual political activity.

This country is now being shook up by its citizens so that the voices and votes of the people who live and die for this country will be counted. The most beuatiful
thing about the process unfolding before our eyes is that now it is
the youth who are in the forefront of this struggle. They are this
country's future and they are full of emunah/faith and not afraid of the
threats and intimidation of our government and elected officials.

As for the claim of sinat chinam (causing hatred) and chilul Hashem (desecratign G-d's name), I really beg to differ - those who
are cursing us in the traffic jams would be cursing us anyway.
Besides, you are forgeting all those trapped in traffic who honk
their horns in support and ask for stickers to place on their cars.

The blocking of traffic not only proved that we can jam up the roads
of this country successfully but that the police department can't
even count on all its policemen to go about doing their duties in the expulsion plan. Many many cases have been told of policemen throughout the country who either stood on the sidelines without interrrupting the protestors, or whom handled the protestors
nicely and those whom even told protestors that they support them.
Yes, there were those who went about their job as ordered, and dragged protestors into police cars and some who even hit protestors, but the
cracks have appeared in the police forces that won't go unoticed by
Sharon and the government.

Thank G-d Am Yisrael is waking up and realizing that we must be
accountable for our future. Elections and placing pieces of paper in
ballot boxes don't do it in this country. The Israeli government long
ago proved to us that it can't be trusted for our future or for
following the will of the voters (Rabin's promises, Bibi's promises,
Sharon's promises etc).

Sharon's un-democratic method of pushing through his Jewish expulsion
plan has actually assisted in awaking more and more Jews to act upon
this injustice to Am Yisrael.

I have deep emunah/faith that everything is for the best, and with all the
evil of Sharon's expulsion plan it seems that it might be meant to
expose all of our governments ill methods so that Am Yisrael ends
up taking responsability for its future and leading Eretz Yisrael to
a better future. The struggle for Gush Katif and the Shomron might be
the instigator to the protests but the true cause of this struggle is
much much greater, the process to change Israel from a democracy in
name only to a true Jewish democracy.

That's my guess, you of course can disagree.

In the meantime, lets continue to act to bring about "Power to the People!"


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