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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Destroy Them

We must destroy the culture of hatred and murder of our enemies and win this war.

That means killing our enemies without taking into consideration public relations and world opinion.

That means that we must accept that even though we have no intention of killing civilians, they might get killed too.

We can't think twice of killing shooters because they are surrounded by civilians. We can't think twice about bombing a building filled with terrorists because civilians are in or around the building. Whether willingly or not, these civilians are "soldiers" in this war against us, used stegically against our moral weakness of not trying to harm civilians. The only way to destroy their culture of hatred and murder, the Arabs must be shown that we will not hold back from attacking anyone just because they are hiding behind civilians.

That is the solution.

If we feel uncomfortable with that then that means that we are human, a good thing, but we must do it anyway, otherwise we will continue to pay the price for pitying our enemies.

Yesterday one of the army officers explained that they sent the soldiers into Gaza instead of bombing buildings from the air because they didn't want to hurt innocent civilians.

Please make sure our media and politicians know that we have had enough of their misguided leadership and messages - those 6 holy soldiers did not die defending Jews in Gush Katif, they died defending Arabs living in Gaza!!

Unethical leadership - we have had enough!