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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

No, We Don't Know G-d's Plan

In response to my last posting, I received a response from someone who felt that it was not right for me to claim that G-d revealed himself, since I have no idea what G-d's plan is.

I admit, I do not know what G-d has planned - not for the Jewish people and not for all of humanity. But I do know from our Torah what G-d wants from us - and that is for us to assist him in this project called humanity - by working on ourselves to be the best people we could be and by working on our nation and our country to become the light unto the nations that we are supposed to be.

In my eyes, the events of last week that I wrote about were actions that Am Yisrael took, with the help of G-d, in redirecting our nation and country in the direction we are supposed to be going - in becoming "the light unto the nations" we are supposed to be instead of being "a reflection of the nations", the state we are now in.

6 more holy Israeli soldiers died this morning in fighting our enemies. Last week almost a whole family was wiped off the face off the earth in our struggle. The losses we have experienced are a very heavy price we are paying in our struggle to exist as the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. It does not have to do with borders or with refugees, it has to do with who we are and why we are here. Our enemies know this and they say so bluntly, our own people, however, prefer to selectively hear and block these messages out.

Unfortunately, the longer it takes us to wake up to fulfilling our responsibility as a nation that I mentioned above, the more of our own we will have to bury. Let us hope and pray that it ends soon.

Beautiful things are happening in Israel today. Really wonderful, wonderful things - by so many people in so many realms. Yet there is still so much more to do. The sooner it takes for us, those of us who understand what our reposonsability is as a nation, to take control of our destiny instead of being controlled by others, who do not fully understand or comprehend that responsability, our work will be much easier and take much less time.


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