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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Taking A Deep Deep Breath

Baruch Hashem,

As of this moment it looks like Sharon's plan has been voted down by the Likud membership.

If this holds up to be true, we can hopefully take a deep deep breath and smile. Not celebrate and not feel invincible, but smile and take a deep breath.

This is the turning point in the State of Israel returning to itself, a proud country conneected to its Jewish identity and its land - the (not-so) secret combination for true peace and security in the Land of Israel.

This battle hopefully has been won, with many more battles to come. However, now we are in a much better position to win those future battles too because this referendum will be the turning point in favor of the Jewish people with Jewish pride and a loss for the Jewish people who have lost hope in standing up for ourselves and our country.

Now is the time to join Manhigut Yehudit and strengthen the Likud. Join the thousands who have already joined and assisted in returning the Likud to its roots. We will change the direction of this country only be leading it - and that we have begun to do in the Likud - the only party in Israel that represents the nation (ashkenazim, sepharadim, chilonim, datiim, charedim - and not sectoral) that actually has the realistic option of leading the nation.

Did we really return to our land to just lead ourselves - each group for their own interests? Or did we return to this land to lead the whole Jewish people? If the latter - than we must rise to the challenge of leading the people in a party of the people, working with the people and convincing the people of the right direction.

May we hold on to this deep breath and hold on to the hope that we are now beginning the road back to having a Jewish State with a Jewish identity that stands up for itself - that will bring us the true peace and security that we truly pray for.

Tizku L'mitzvot to all those volunteers who made today happen.

Am Yisrael Chai,

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