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Monday, May 31, 2004

A Sad Sad State of Affairs For Am Yisrael

Pinui Mitzpeh Yitzhar Video Link

The above video includes raw footage of the destruction of the "illegal" caravan site of Mitzpeh Yitzhar.

It is so sad to see Jews beating up fellow Jews, all by order of a Jewish government, in order to appease the world and our enemies, just so that they could be appeased to continue to kill us.

The world is topsy turvy - settlements are not an obstacle to peace, their
continued development ensures that one day true peace will envelop us!! Their
continued develpment will make sure the Arabs and the world know that we belong
on this land, and all of this land - that is part of the moral antidote
necessary for true peace to develop.

This is pragmatic and realistic. Destorying Jewish homes in the Land of Israel does just the opposite. Thinking that it is constructive towards achieving peace is a fantasy.

The Jewish people are strong and getting stronger. We will outlive this government and the next and the next, we will passively resist all home destructions and expulsions of Jews, and we will then return and rebuild and resettle. Am Yisrael will overcome.


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